Doug & Aubrey

Doug & Aubrey

We aim to deliver a University Grad Film, that will go on to have a successful run within the film festival circuit.

We did it!

On 12th Mar 2018 we successfully raised £25 with 2 supporters in 21 days


So, before we leave Manchester School Of Art and have to get proper jobs, we have one more project to go... Our Grad Film... This is pretty exciting, as each short film we end up doing, we somehow out do ourselves and end up in trouble, okay, not trouble trouble... we just break the rules a bit when it comes to filmmaking.  

We have:- 

  • Dan Thorburn - Director. This short film is his little gem, and it's a great gem at that.
  • Danny Baker - Producer. I make sure Dan's gem has a voice and is the best it can be. 
  • Dom Old - Writer. Well, Dom is just a gem..... Oh and also a great writer. 

We aim to push and out do our competition, why? If selected, we have a great opportunity to showcase our work on the 7th JUNE at HOME cinema in Manchester.

Enough about us - lets dive straight in

After the death of her mother, 16 year old Aubrey must convince her estranged father, Doug, to take her on the long journey North to scatter her ashes. She must put up with Doug’s stubborn temperament and cramped campervan all while suffering with an illness of her own.

This dark but comedic coming of age story explores the relationship of these two volatile and different, but deep rootedly similar characters.

**Aubrey is a smart, snarky and confident 16 year old who doesn’t let her terminal illness get in the way of her foul mouth. After the death of her mum she is left stuck with her dead beat father, a travelling musician living out of his camper van. 

**Doug is a talented but lazy musician living out of his VW camper van. After the death of his ex-wife his 16 year old daughter who he hasn’t seen in over 10 years is suddenly thrust upon him. The two must embark on a journey to scatter her mother ashes whilst getting to know each other for the first time. 

A little sneak peak into our script.. 

This short coming of age drama is final graduate film from a crew who’s past work has been shown in festivals worldwide.

Below is a few projects we've directed and produced as a team.

We have a good script, a good crew and most important, a group of people who are very passionate about filmmaking. All we ask for is the value of a coffee - The total at the end, no matter what it is, will help us greatly to cover travel and festivals. 

Feel free to follow us on social media - See what we see onset and location.





@maxwellgraham - Our DOP. Check out his work... He's Decent!!!

Thank you.

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