DoubleBoxed is an online based community aimed at connecting buyers and sellers of rare, limited edition and sought after trainers.

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Essentially were a couple of mates with a passion trainers. Over the past couple of years we've watched the SneakerHead world explode. Rare, limited edition and sought after trainers are released and almost instantanioulsy purchased and sold out by enthusiasts and more noticibly 're-sellers'. Re-sellers are individuals who purchase trainers with the sole intention or selling them on at an inflated price (usually on ebay). In order to cover their re sale prices they will often inflate the prices to cover these costs which means the buyer ends up spending more. We were frustrated by this and saw the oppurtunity to create a website that essentially operates the same but instead of commission, takes a monthy subscription charge from these re-sellers Subsequently re-sellers costs are resuced and these can be passed on to buyers.

DoubleBoxed is a project we have been working hard on for the past 6 months and is essentially an online based community aimed at connecting buyers and sellers of rare, limited edition and sought after trainers.

A centralised marketplace for the ever expanding SneakerHead community to locate, purchase and sell trainers with an open and transparent monthly cost attached, reducing the need for re-sellers to inflate prices to cover unexpected commission costs thus passing on savings to buyers creating a fairer environment for all.

DoubleBoxed will also act to expose the talants of Sneakerhead Artists by featuring their work on the site for example sneaker photography, paintings, trainer customisers, bespoke laces, storage boxes, sneaker keyrings, sneaker protector products etc with an emphasis on promoting home grown talent.

Money raised via crowd funding will be used to build a professional site, manage various online social media outlets, develop and impliment a marketing strategy, develop branded DoubleBoxed products for sale, assit in providing a precence at various Sneakerhead conventions up and down the country, create and manage a blog, secure funds for photography equipment and advertising.

Thank you very much for visiting our page, please dont hesistate to contact us to discuss any questions you may have


Ant & Ash 









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