Female Locksmith
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My aim is to raise £10 000 to fund and grow my small business

by Dee Rombouts in Swanscombe, England, United Kingdom

It is time to hang up my fire kit and create a successful, profitable business. 

I know I have a unique project as a female locksmith, 

Just one of my stories...

It's a Sunday night around 10 o'clock and proud of myself for wanting to get an early night. I had a busy day and there is nothing better than getting a good night sleep when you have another busy day ahead 

I'm tempted to put my phone on silent, but it's Sunday night lots of drunken people lock themselves out...as tempting as it is to ignore call outs in the early morning hours it's not good for business so I decided to keep my phone on full volume as I get a disappointed glare from my partner. We all have to make some sacrifices 

03:35 a female customer managed to give me her address with a very slurred speech. I arrive at the address and she's a sleep by the front door. After a little struggle to wake her I said that it would only take a minute to get her in the house 

By the time I got the door open she was asleep again...what do I do now? I asked myself! 

I can't leave her out here, so I helped her up walked into the house and luckily the living room wasn't too far away 

There she was, save a sound asleep...Now who's gonna pay me?? I couldn't ask her for money in the state she was in so I left a note and a text on her phone explaining that I got her in her home, took her shoes off, locked her door and posted her keys that where in the inside of the door through the letterbox 

Luckily my story ends well, she called me the next day to pay me but it was nice to hear that she really appreciated that a female locksmith attended. She couldn't believe her luck, she must have said ‘thank you’ about one hundred times 



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