Sneinton Old School Hall fighting fund

Save one of the area's oldest buildings, fondly remembered as a primary school & community centre but now threatened with demolition.

We did it!

On 14th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £900 of £900 target with 26 supporters in 28 days

dOSH (Development of the Old School Hall) is a community alliance of local people and groups who came together after the Council announced the closure and imminent demolition of the building. 

We desperately need some 'fighting funds' to keep us going - we will use these to make running repairs to the area around the hall so that it does not fall further into disrepair. Work such as clearing vegetation that is growing into the abandoned structure and cutting back trees which have been causing damage. Whilst our trusty volunteers can do much of the unskilled work, we need to hire equipment and dispose of waste. Some things need qualified and insured personnel who we must pay.

We also need the money to:

  • support publicity to get more people involved from the area and beyond
  • support events where people can find out more about this incredible building, what it has been in the past and what it could be in the future
  • support us with studies to show how the hall can create an income in the future, to ensure it is never faced with closure again.

We may need to make future appeals for bigger sums of money once the future of the Hall becomes more certain, but for now a modest fighting fund will keep us going.

We have been supported by local peoples’ dedication and hard work. We have had some success, including commissioning an independent structural engineer's report to show how the building can be made strong again, and getting it recognised as a Community Asset by the Council. We have received some small but generous grants, for example from the Renewal Trust, but have now exhausted those sources of income. 

Please, if you can, help us with a small (or large!) donation.

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