Dosa stop

by Rakhi kamalamma raju in Croydon, Greater London, United Kingdom

Dosa stop


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I am a South Indian,i love our traditional food , masala dosa is ranked as one of the top 10 food item, i aim to sell the authentic food

by Rakhi kamalamma raju in Croydon, Greater London, United Kingdom

I started as an IT engineer and worked for years in that industry but realised that i don't have the drive for it . My passion is on cooking where i am based in or anywhere in london , south Indian food has good reception. While doing a survey I understood that the opportunity for “dosa “ is massive .
i have an unique way to sell it for a whole family as a street food category.

Here is how i want to do it 

A subway replica where the dosa will replace the bread ???? , which will be made freshly in front of the customer.

Masala dosa has masala & dosa with some amazing chutney combo .

However you will have the choice of a spicy masala , sweet masala , chocolate flavour & finally the traditional potato masala 

Customer can pick the masala right away and the toppings to add with the dosa 

Finally it will be searved in a well designed disposable plate 

The idea is to cut the cost of dosa for customers going into a restaurant just because you love to have a masala dosa and also i have some more items which all can be served in a ready to eat disposal packs 

Me as a customer has been through the bad disposable plates leaking and other sort of issues.

Also just for a masala dosa i have been in restaurants waiting for long and paying the price which is an average of 6 pounds can be cut to 3 pound easily.

Which is why i am confident in my business it will give good exposure to non indian audience too 

Also no waiting time and served in good containers too 

I have done trials and done free samples, all liked it well.

My aim to follow my passion 

And offcourse it will generate money due to the attractive cost and also it is all vegetables no meet involved which is much more attractive 

I need the money for setting it up in one of the busiest markets and also getting the designed disposable packings too .

I m looking forward for anyone’s suggestions or fund 

Will be greatly appreciated 

Recipe is safe with me (always willing to teach too )

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