Dorset screenings of Rubber Jellyfish

by Don't Inflate to Celebrate in Dorchester, England, United Kingdom

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We are aiming to reach a diverse audience - about an environmental issue that seems to be a lost component in amongst the plastic pollution

by Don't Inflate to Celebrate in Dorchester, England, United Kingdom

We all know that throwing rubbish on the ground is littering, so why is letting a balloon float away seen as something different? Rubber Jellyfish is a feature-length documentary that explores the effects of helium balloons on the environment, wildlife and human beings. Mum-to-be Carly Wilson sets out on a personal journey to meet key players on all sides in the fight to ban balloons, and exposes the truth behind our favourite party product. As she travels around Australia and explores problems around the world, seeking to understand the science and various points of view, Carly discovers a range of issues, from the heartbreaking impact on sea turtles to the potentially deadly effect of helium on children. Her journey takes her from littered beaches to the capital, as she speaks to businesses and politicians to find out why the balloon problem is being ignored and if something can be done.

Don’t Inflate to Celebrate is a UK based campaign - raising awareness of the negative impacts of aerial litter - A.K.A helium balloons.

 We are celebrating our tenth anniversary this year, and thought it would be very fitting to host screenings of ‘Rubber Jellyfish’ so we are teaming up with Ecotainment! - as part of the Wave of Change network - to host screenings all around Dorset. 

We will be holding the UK's Premiere of Rubber Jellyfish shortly.

By hosting screenings of Rubber Jellyfish, we are aiming to reach a diverse audience and hoping that charities/organisations, as well as members of the public, will make the pledge never to let a balloon go again – especially when there are so many better litter-free alternatives!

Don’t Inflate to Celebrate believe aerial litter to be as an important issue as the single-use plastic which has become so prolific in modern society - which is polluting our planet and killing our wildlife.

Mylar balloons are plastic and often, so are the attachments to balloons too – ribbons, valves and balloon sticks.

Latex balloons – although made from latex/rubber – are often coated with Hi-float (equivalent to PVA glue) to prevent the helium from leaking out, so they too could be considered a single-use plastic.

“This is just a marketing gimmick,” points out Balloons Blow, an environmental non-profit group. “Natural latex may be biodegradable, but after adding chemicals, plasticizers and artificial dyes, how natural could it be?” The fact is every released balloon behaves differently. All latex balloons fall to earth as ugly litter.”

Latex balloons are labelled as 'biodegradable' but that's just a 'green-washing ‘ploy - it's like it is giving people permission to litter? It takes many months to several years for a latex balloon to break down (and even that depends on the ecosystem it lands in), so plenty of time to maim/kill some innocent critter

‘What goes up must come down’ landing as harmful aerial litter to ALL critters – wild and domestic.

’Spent’ balloons often resemble jellyfish and get mistaken for food by marine turtles.

 Attachments to balloons strangle birds and small mammals, and flying ‘aliens’ spook horses when balloons land in their fields.

By joining with us, we will be able to effect a change in the way balloons are perceived by the public- as aerial plastic litter which blights the countryside and oceans, and also kills wildlife.



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No balloons in the sea

YOUR name on the BIG screen

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Keep turtles in mind, colouring in is more kind

Digital colouring-in combination of Ellie Jackson's 'Duffy's Lucky Escape' and 'Marli's Tangled Tale' book and your name on the big screen

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Natural diet; not latex riot

1 x Casus Grill (an eco-friendly, genuinely biodegradable single use grill) and your name on the BIG screen)

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If it lands in the sea, it might hurt me

A signed copy of Ellie Jackson's Marli's Tangled Tale (A positive, inspiring, beautifully illustrated true story about the problem of balloon releases - with a happy ending) and your name on the BIG screen

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We'll feed you right, on the night

A pair of reserved seats. Vegan food and drink for two people - this reward is for the Premier Screening in Wimborne on March 14th.

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Raise a glass; celebration not memory by inflation

An 'Enviro-cup' ('the stainless steel solution to reduce plastic pollution') 1 x Casus Grill and your name on the BIG screen

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Together we can educate - not cool to inflate

Your Ethical business/organisation message/logo on the BIG screen and a table to sell your merchandise at a screening of your choice

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A must for all to see; make a pledge to let 'em be

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