Bankrupt, coked up and fu*ked up

Bankrupt, coked up and fu*ked up

To raise awareness on domestic abuse, as it is a tricky taboo subject that no one wants to talk about.

We did it!

On 27th Jan 2018 we successfully raised £270 with 5 supporters in 56 days

I pace all night waiting for you to come home and you finally arrive at 6am in the morning, stale alcohol and cigarettes on your breath, your shirt covered in make-up and the scent of cheap perfume.

I confront you about where you have been, and you scream “Well you fxcking know where I’ve been cos you’ve been checking up on me you fxcking bitch”!! as you throw me up against the wall and spit in my face.

“Don’t you know who I fxcking am!?

I could recite the next line off by heart now,

“I’m xxxxxxxxxxx International Business man, Grandiose or what???

You punched me in the face, then the chest and after winding me throw me to the ground by my hair, and set about kicking me, repeatedly, I can taste the blood in my mouth, and I’m thinking please GOD make him stop, I manage to get to my feet again, and I beg you to stop. My words fall of deaf ears “I’ll teach you to check up on me!” you scream, as your punches reign down on me, convinced that my unborn child will never survive this attack I try to protect myself, but something about me defending myself aggravates you further and you continue, then suddenly, the attack stops, and I’m left all alone, holding my stomach and I hear you start your car engine and leave.

I lie on the floor for what seems like an eternity, blood and snot covering my face, just playing it all back in my mind, cause by this time the shock had set in and I was shaking uncontrollably   …eventually the day light came creeping in and at about 9 am I call my friend who comes over to console me, “I’m going to fxcking kill the cxnt!” she says when she sees me.

She wants to take me to the doctor but I’m too ashamed, as I don’t want anybody to know, just for record my husband had been physical with me on previous occasions, but nothing like this, I mean it was just the odd shove or slap or punch, or headbutt, this was a whole new level for him, and something or someone must have upset him, and that someone was obviously me!

I would also like to mention if you need me to verify anything at all, I can and will do so.

Many thanks for reading this story, I would also like to add that for every book sold I will make a donation to women’s aid.

Kindest regards 

Doreen Noble 

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