Dorcas Dress Project made in Harris Tweed

To raise money for our Dorcas Dress beneficiaries by making 4 special Dorcas Dresses in Scottish Harris Tweed fabric.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The clever cut, pleats and carefully situated ties on the dress eliminate the need for zips, other trimmings and complex machinery.  This is a one-size dress which will fit anyone,  even pregnant and breastfeeding mums.

In March 2016, I was prompted to design a dress that would empower the voiceless in the fashion supply chain.  This patented design has been developed so it could be produced in remote parts of the world.  

As the founder of the project and with 25 years of experience in the fashion industry (on the factory floor, in the design studio and as a fashion lecturer) my heart cried at the destruction the industry had created.  I developed this dress to protect craftsmanship and lift people out of poverty and hardship.  The project supports makers from situations of hardship, even in remote parts of the world.  The project provides appropriate training, resources and a growing network of customers.  The pricing structure reflects a growing level of skill and craftsmanship.  

The dress has been developed specifically for this project, based around Christian ethical values.

We would like to develop the project a little further, making a small number of dresses in Scottish sourced Harris Tweed, promoting local ethical values in the way the fabric has been sourced as well as raising income so we can support our beneficiaries.  We need to buy a batch of the fabric.  

We feel making a financial commitment to produce these dresses without secured orders would be an irresponsible use of donated funds, hence the benefit of using Crowdfunding!  Order your dress today and look forward to receiving it during the cold dark January months, just when a delightful surprise is needed!