Door Adaptions for wheel chair users

by D J Lovatt in Stoke On Trent, England, United Kingdom

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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To convert our glass doors for our wheelchair users to better access our disability charity, improving access for people with disabilities

by D J Lovatt in Stoke On Trent, England, United Kingdom

I volunteer for a local charity in Stoke on Trent, I am a person with disabilities and severe mental health, but volunteering at the charity as really helped me, we help so many people from all backgrounds with disabilities, and it makes me feel so good that I am apart of that.

What I have noticed though is we have some glass doors, and they are old, heavy and manual, the charity has been trying to raise money for years to get them converted to automatic, so that all the wheelchair users we see will have an easy time when accessing the charity, and also our wheelchair users who volunteer for us will have a better time when leaving for the toilet or in case of emergency, all of the volunteers I volunteer with have a disability of some kind, and we try and do the best we can, so if I was able to help raise some money to repay the charity for all the help it provides to the locality and beyond it would be fantastic. Then the wheelchair users would have an easy time accessing the charity. with only 17 staff but 45 volunteers, the charity Disability Solutions West Midlands relies on the kindness of people, whether that be donations, volunteering and beyond,  and without such kindness, they could not help the thousands of people that they continue to help every day.

 I'm trying to raise a £1000 to put towards the cost of the door conversion.

I've been told for years that I will be wheelchair bound by 35, I have 4 years left, so I want to make a difference to wheelchair users all over Staffordshire by helping to make the charity offices fully accessible. Once the doors are done the offices will be fully accessible. 

I hope to reach my goal before I hit 35.

Thank you disability solutions, I hope I can repay you someday.

please support this amazing charity, they aren't a national charity but they have a true heart and they help the most vulnerable people throughout Staffordshire and the west midlands.

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