Don't Vote Tobin | Let Tobin Vote

by William Tobin in Vannes, Morbihan, France

We did it
On 20th December 2019 we successfully raised £1,300 with 45 supporters in 35 days

Support my election campaign in the Prime Minister's constituency

by William Tobin in Vannes, Morbihan, France

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Janice Batterbee 12th December 2019

I heard about your initiative today on the French news - I wish there had been more publicity especially in the British press. Thank you for drawing attention to this shameful situation!

shan williams 17th November 2019

Well done. It really isn't acceptable, that despite Conservative promises so many people no longer have a vote. Particularly at this crucial time.

Dr Susan Collard 16th November 2019

This is a good way to try and attract attention to this issue, good luck with it. I have posted a link on my Facebook page at so hopefully you will get some more supporters from that.

Robert Martin Hodge 15th November 2019

Good luck to you Sir, and more power to your elbow. Perhaps you could also highlight the fact that those of us excluded from voting by the 15 year rule, AND who receive what is classified as a 'government occupational pension', still have to pay UK Income Tax on that pension even though we have no vote with which to help decide how our tax £s are spent. This is blatantly "Taxation without Representation", and is thus just plain wrong.

joy.milton 15th November 2019

The 15 year rule is undemocratic. Successive governments have promised to abolish it... the current government included it in their manifesto.

Sandy Brown 15th November 2019

Great idea..I've been banging on about this iniquity for 3 years. It is also true that EU nationals living in and paying UK tax and NI were excluded.

Lynn Birtles 15th November 2019

Congratulations on your initiative in highlighting this arbitrary and irrational injustice. We have lived in France for nearly 16 years and are thus not eligible to vote even though we pay taxes to the UK government and own a property in the UK. We feel penalised for choosing to work and live in France, even though it is our right as EU citizens. Good luck ! Duncan and Lynn Birtles

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