Start-Up Clothing Business DontTalkShoDem

by Sammy Sose in London, England, United Kingdom

Start-Up Clothing Business DontTalkShoDem
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My vision is to create clothing and accessories that are affordable for all, whilst remaining on trend.

by Sammy Sose in London, England, United Kingdom

Brand purpose:

DontTalkShoDem is an up-and-coming London urban clothing brand specialising in affordable street wear. The name behind the brand stands for anything and everything is possible, no matter your colour or creed.

People in life may not always understand, see, or be on board with your dreams, goals or visions but instead of trying to convince them or needing them to believe in you and what you are doing DONTTALKSHODEM.

Fundraising purpose:

I have always had a passion for fashion, what was once a hobby has now led to me putting plans in place to turn it into a successful start-up business. My vision is to continue creating clothing and accessories that are affordable for all, whilst remaining on trend. However, like any business, funds are required to push it to the next level.

I would like DontTalkShoDem to become a sustainable business model, consistently offering versatile fashion for everyone.

How your donations will help achieve the vision:

Funding will enable me to turn a small start up into a established business, that will be recognised across the UK and wider. To do this I will implement the below:

- Paid marketing campaigns to raise brand awareness

- Professional video content to use for social media campaigns 

- Purchasing stock in bulk to reduce overall cost

- Studio/photoshoot days to enable better promotion of new stock

- Celebrity endorsements and paid promotions

- Implement international shipping and personalised mailing bags


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£80 or more

T-Shirt Reward (Value - £25)

DontTalkShoDem T-Shirt

£100 or more

Hoodie Reward (Value - £55)

DontTalkShoDem Hoodie

£120 or more

Tracksuit Reward (Value - £90)

DontTalkShoDem Tracksuit

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