We pay Stagegoat’s hall costs, not Tracey!

by Joanne Camlin in Lampeter, Wales, United Kingdom

We pay Stagegoat’s hall costs, not Tracey!
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To not let Tracey have to deep clean Victoria Halls kitchen as payment for Stagegoat hall hire, by herself and hire cleaners instead!

by Joanne Camlin in Lampeter, Wales, United Kingdom

Hi everyone! As you will be aware, there were lots of extra rehearsals in the last few months for Stagegoats amazing performance of Pinocchio. As parents, our term fees did not cover the extra costs of hiring Victoria Hall and Tracey has offered to deep clean their kitchen - 2 or 3 days hard work for 1 person, moving all the equipment- as payment... I propose that we pay cleaners to come in and do this, instead of Tracey! If 36 parents/guardians pay around £7 each, we can totally stop Tracey from having to do this herself. 

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