Don’t let them silence the Green Party

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We did it
On 21st April 2016 we successfully raised £7,916 with 444 supporters in 28 days

Help us fund a Party Political Broadcast! We need to raise £5,000 to make the film the BBC doesn't want you to see.

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New stretch target

We've done it! 

Thanks to our amazing members and supporters - and everyone who just refused to see us denied a voice, we have hit our minimum target of £5,000.

We need to keep pushing our message out there and you can help. Please make a donation to help us reach our final target of £6,000. Every penny donated makes the sound of Green voices a little bit louder.


Party political broadcasts give political parties the opportunity to come into your homes and speak to you. To tell you what we stand for and let you know what we’re up to.

The BBC has decided that the Green Party isn’t going to get a single one this year.

UKIP is getting three.

We are the only party with an MP that is not being given the chance to be heard on national television. You don’t need to be a Green to think that’s not quite right.

The BBC tried to keep us out of the Leaders’ Debates prior to the 2015 General Election. Our members and supporters said NO! 79% of the general public said NO! Even David Cameron said NO!

Our leader, Natalie Bennett, joined the leaders of the other parties on television – signifying our emergence as a major party.

Yet, here we are again. This year, the BBC has decided that UKIP and the Lib Dems get three Party Political Broadcasts each, whilst the Greens get none. This is despite that fact that in the last year, our membership has quadrupled. We are the third largest national party. We are now a larger party than the Liberal Democrats or UKIP!

Due to the decision of the BBC, over 1 million people will not be given the opportunity to hear from the party they voted for in the General Election.

We think that’s nonsense. And, as television is hardly the definitive medium it once was, we are going digital. We are going to make and distribute the film that they don’t want you to see. 

You can help fund the film they don’t want you to see. You can help us spread our vital message and, quite frankly, you can thumb your nose at an unfair and opaque system that is designed to silence dissenting voices.

So, please make a donation and share this video via social media. Get your friends involved. Don’t let the BBC silence us!



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