DONNE | Women in Music: 5 CDS Collection

DONNE | Women in Music: 5 CDs featuring ONLY music by women composers. Be a part of this wonderful project!

We did it!

On 13th Jul 2018 we successfully raised £5,685 of £5,500 target with 75 supporters in 35 days

New stretch target

New stretch target

Thank you! We have achieved our initial target and can now move forward with finalising the production of our 5 CDs featuring some fantastic repertoire by women composers.  

This new stretch target will enable us to keep and extend the website with more videos about women composers and  expand our online database.  Both initiatives should be useful tools for research and education as well as make it possible for us to take the story of so many women composers free of charge to schools and education centres all over the world. We would like this information to each as many people as possible and this stretch target will  be an extra boost in bringing these fascinating stories to live and educating future generations. 

Thank you! Together we can make a difference! 

Introducing DONNE | Women in Music: the 5 CDs Collection 

DONNE's CD Collection  will present  5 CDs featuring only music by women composers.  
The collection will showcase a variety of repertoire from medieval to contemporary works including a few world première recordings as well.

Launched by Drama Musica on International Women's Day 2018, DONNE is an ongoing project that aims to champion women composers’ equality.
How does it work? 
See the list of rewards on the right corner (a CD, tickets for a concert, and SO MANY other options) and pick the ones of your choice. That's it!

By placing your orders in advance you are making a BIG difference in making this project a reality! 

There's only one thing missing now : YOU!

We have already raised over half of the total project budget to cover the expenses
for the 5 CDs recordings thanks to the Arts Council of England and
the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Now we need to raise the final £5,500 

Your support will be used to pay for the remaining production costs including:

  • Recording sessions costs (artists, sound engineer, editing & mastering); 
  • Rehearsal space rental  (we record in quiet venues and churches in the countryside to have the best natural acoustics and the most absolute silence);
  • Harpsichord hire and transportation; 
  • Piano hire & tuning; 
  • Copyright charges; 
  • CD art design and pressing costs; 
  • Postage costs;
  • Crowdfunder fees (8% of the amount raised);  

Have a look at the line up of artists and the repertoire being recorded:

Take a look at the pledges we've lined up for you: you can have your own signed CD, concert tickets, join us for a rehearsal and chat with the artists or even host a concert in your own home

Be the difference to make this CD collection the best it can be!

This is the first crowd-funding project which we've embarked upon.  Please help to make it a success.

Pledge your donation, choose your rewards, spread the word.  
Who else can you tell?
Who else would love to hear this music?
Who else can make the difference?  
We're nearly there!

If you would like to pledge with a donation cheque instead of online, please do get in touch:

Drama Musica is an independent classical music label dedicated to producing exciting, innovative and high   quality recordings combining outstanding musical talent and imagination.  We focus on bringing freshness to the early music repertoire as well as exploring works by women and by Brazilian composers.

On Women's International Day 2018 we launched our project DONNE to celebrate and connect women composers, musicians and the worldwide public.

As well as this 5 CD collection, we built an online database with names and links of more than 4,000 women composers on our The Big List page (and it is still growing), providing further information for anyone who would like to learn a bit more.

We also make short introductions to Historical Composers and publish interviews with inspiring living composers, celebrating the women who are making a difference to today's society in our new online series Composers of Today.

Have a look at some of our videos:

This CD Collection will bring more music by women closer to the general public.

And we are counting on you to join us in making a difference!

The end result will be 5 outstanding recordings, which Drama Musica will release, promote and distribute worldwide through Naxos of America.

If we are successful and hit our target, let's not stop there.  Any further money raised will be dedicated to continuing to develop DONNE's website and online resources aiming to increase:

We want to raise awareness about women composers who made and are still making a difference to society, by celebrating their success to ensure there are more role models for girls and women of today and future generations. 

The number of works by women composers performed in concert series all over the world is still shockingly low: our latest researchshows that on the 2018-2019 season programme of 15 top orchestras worldwide, more than 3500 musical works will be performed - ONLY 82 were composed by women.

Out of 1445 concerts worldwide, ONLY 76 included at least one piece by a woman composer.

There is certainly a huge amount of repertoire available and no concert series would suffer a loss of quality if more works by women composers were included. To the contrary, any promoter that made a habit of spotlighting women would, in our opinion, become a livelier place.

We believe that education and easy access to information is an important key in making changes for the future.  Teaching future generations about inspiring women composers from the past and present should be certainly be encouraged. We hope to engage and encourage schools and universities all over the world to use the videos and all the resources that are part of this project. 

Don't forget to share :-)

********  PORTUGUÊS **********

Apresentando  DONNE | Women in Music: Coleção de 5 CDs

A coleção DONNE apresenta 5 CDs  que incluem somente obras escritas por compositoras.
Os CDs da coleção apresentam um repertório variado que vai da música medieval até a contemporânea e também inclui várias gravações inéditas mundialmente.

DONNE é um projeto lançado pela gravadora Drama Musica com o objetivo de aumentar a visibilidade das compositoras no meio musical.

Nós já arrecadamos mais da metade do orçamento do projeto graças ao apoio do Arts Council of England e do Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

E hoje estamos aqui aqui para convidá-los a fazer parte deste projeto! 

Uma série de talentosos artistas brasileiros fazem parte deste projeto: 

Susie Georgiadis - Soprano  | CD HOMAGE
Catarina Domenici - Compositora | CD HOMAGE

Kismara Pessatti - Contralto  | CD Hildegard Now & Then
Silvia Berg - Compositora  | CD Hildegard Now & Then

Vladimir Soares - Flautista  | CD Anna Bon di Venezia 


Todos os CDs da coleção serão distribuídos no Brasil. 
Portanto se você quiser apoiar este projeto basta escolher o CD da sua escolha.   

Posso ajudar o projeto sem escolher uma recompensa? 

Claro que sim! Basta nos ajudar a espalhar essa notícia entres os seus contatos de email, mídias sociais, na sua escola, numa conversa descontraída!  


Visite o nosso canal no YouTube e veja as entrevistas e animações  já feitas pelo projeto DONNE:  


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