Donna Wallace Green Candidate for Aldershot

by Blackwater Valley Green Party in Ash, England, United Kingdom

Donna Wallace Green Candidate for Aldershot
We did it
On 13th December 2019 we successfully raised £220 with 8 supporters in 14 days

To raise funds for Donna's General Election campaign that will cover the cost of printed leaflets and social media campaigning.

by Blackwater Valley Green Party in Ash, England, United Kingdom


 This election is not just about Brexit and getting it done. Whether we remain or leave the EU, the most important issue facing us all is climate change, which threatens our future existence on Earth. We’ve been saying that for nearly 40 years now.

But finally, in the light of devastating storms, floods, droughts, forest fires, melting icecaps, rising water, dying seas, species extinction and mass migration, the penny has dropped, and most political parties have accepted the threat and are offering serious policies to tackle climate change.

But no-one’s climate policies come close to those of the Green Party, and even the £1 billion/year measures we are proposing will barely be sufficient to meet the 2030 target to prevent a 1.5 to 2% warming of the planet.

We are the only party you can trust to tackle the climate emergency properly. Other parties continue to adopt our policies but water them down or even renege on them once an election has occurred. 

The more Green votes cast, the more power and influence the Green Party gains to pressure the next government to implement real Green policies required to avoid irreversible runaway climate chaos.

We know the chance of our candidate Donna Wallace being elected this time is remote (although in these strange and unpredictable times anything is possible!) 

But no Green vote is wasted.  Please donate whatever you can to help fund our campaign to attract as many Green votes as possible.


In the local elections in May this year we doubled the number of Green councillors across the country, and now have representation on Surrey Heath, Waverley and Guildford  Councils.  Our newly elected councillors are already making a huge difference, illustrating what can be achieved even with only one or two Greens on a council.  

Unfortunately we did not enjoy a similar breakthrough in Rushmoor (Farnborough & Aldershot), but our lead candidate, Donna Wallace, re-establishesd her 2nd place position in the Farnborough ward of Empress. We have high expectations of Donna getting elected to Rushmoor BC in the near future.

Meanwhile, we have chosen her to be our candidate for the Aldershot constituency in the General Election. Donna has stood for the Green Party in local elections every year since 2015, and in the last General election in 2017.

The Green Party also did very well in the European Elections this year, increasing our number of MEPs from 3 to 7. We actually beat the Conservatives! 


Following these elections we are very short of funds. The Green Party doesn’t have the backing of big business, Trade Unions, or the super-rich. We depend on the generosity of our members and supporters. 

Hitting our target of £500 will allow us to fund printing of leaflets, run an effective social media campaign and reach more voters the ever before in Aldershot and Farnbough. 

We will highlight Donna’s track record, her commitment to the local community as a long time resident in the constituency. She maintains a strong presence on social media and is well known in Farnborough for her vigorous and persistent campaigning to save the remaining pockets of natural and open spaces from the developers. She is currently involved in the fight to save Queen Elizabeth Park from devastation by the Esso Pipeline.

Please donate to the campaign help us attract as many Green votes as possible. 


If you feel you are not able to contribute financially, you can still help by telling your friends or sharing this page on social media. You can also volunteer help in the campaign. You could for example display a poster or help to deliver leaflets. For further information please email:

Finally, of course, don’t forget that your vote counts too on polling day

Many thanks for your support.

All the best,

Cllr Peter Barnett


Blackwater Valley Green Party


We are required to run permissibility checks on donations over £500. These will be completed as pledges are made. For the same reason, we cannot accept anonymous donations over £500.

If you make multiple donations to us, they may be aggregated for our reporting purposes.

Your details will appear in our election returns if valued over £500, and if you donate over £7500 your identity will appear on the Electoral Commission website.

If you want to make a donation offline, we are available at 13 Wickham Road, Camberley, Surrey GU15 4EU

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