Donation for Usman

by Tahir Ahmad in Karachi

Donation for Usman
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Fund treatment for Usman's kidney transplant surgery

by Tahir Ahmad in Karachi

My little cousin Usman is suffering from kidney failure anda none-functioning bladder, one of his kidneys has completely failed and theother is fast becoming weak. They have deteriorated so much that they are unable able to hold his urine which causes it to enter in his blood. 

Usman undergoes a painful dialysis treatment twice every week to help keep his blood clean and to drain out his urine properly. Previous donations have been raised to help cater for his weekly dialysis which is still ongoing.

His family have recently located a donor through a private hospitalas the government hospitals were taking too long and not really helping. With aconfirmed donor, discussions of the surgery have taken place and the total costfor his transplant surgery is 5,000,000rs which is currently around £29,600.

We plea for your generous donations so that my little cousinmay once again run, play cricket and enjoy life like most of us do. 

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