Donation for eastern countries

Donation for eastern countries

This project is aiming to make enough money for the people in eastern countries to help them get back on their feet after attacks.

We did it!

On 29th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £160 with 5 supporters in 56 days

As we all know ISIS is such a big problem right now in the world, bombing places where such innocent people live right now and it's becoming such a problem that I think people who more than capable to help, they should help. The purpose of this project is to help people in all eastern countries that need our help, and I think that is such a big responsibility on us, as human beings to be there for each other as that's what good people do. The media only focuses and raises awareness on places where it benefits them too, every problem that has risen in the western countries were on the news in a matter of minutes... but I'll ask you this, is eastern blood cheap to you? people on the other side of the world make our world too. those cultures, languages and customs are what makes us different and beautiful and we as humans shouldn't let stupid fools who refer themselves as Muslims to let them take that away from us. I ask you, as it is the month of Ramadan as well to donate little as £10 to get this started and start helping the world and make this a better place. 

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