Donating Dignity

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Donating Dignity
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Provide sustainable sanitary products to child survivors of sexual abuse.

by Natalie Lyall-Grant in

Across the world, an estimated 100 million young people lack access to adequate menstrual products.

As if this weren't a big enough problem, those who do have access to menstrual products create a significant ecological impact with the use of these products.  feminine hygiene waste can take centuries to biodegrade. Some menstrual pads can contain up to four plastic bags worth of plastic!

For some time now, I have been invested in Emerge Global, a wonderful charity in Sri Lanka who work with young survivors of sexual abuse. Emerge provide these courageous and resilient young women the skills, resources and networks to enact their own visions of change.

Sanitary pads are desperately needed by these girls, and I want to offer a sustainable solution: to offer a set of four eco-friendly re-usable menstrual pads to each girl that Emerge is working with. These pads can be used for a lifetime. They provide dignity, without an environmental impact. I believe strongly that periods should be hassle free and plastic free!

Each set of four pads is made in Sri Lanka from all natural materials by the company Momiji Naturals. The cost of a set of four is just over £8.50 ($11). This provides a girl with everything she needs to get through her periods for a lifetime.  This is a long-term, affordable solution that will have a large impact on each individual.

I would like for you to join me in helping to make this a reality. Any donation is welcome. Crowdfunder takes a small percentage of the cost, which allows me to collect money internationally, but the rest of the donations go straight to Emerge. Any additional money that we have will be given as a cash donation to Emerge.

For more information on Emerge and the work that they do, please visit:

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