donate&help raise funds to better improve africa

donate&help raise funds to better improve africa

we are aiming to raise some money so we can better improve the social inequality, poverty, unemployment, education and health care system.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Evolving Society is a non-profit charity based in the Uk and in Zambia, evolving society was founded by Junior.C and Chinga.C in 2016, these two founders saw that life in Africa isn't very fair as it is in the western society, so these two individuals decided that they needed to make a difference, if the political system doesn't make the difference they would.

what are evolving society's charitable aims?

Here at evolving society we aim to promote and address social inequality, unemployment, extremely low minimum wage, better education systems and learning systems, human rights, providing social relief and care, supporting poor and unfortunate families and people, planning, developing and building better infrastructure in order to facilitate education and a better work sector, we also hope to promote leisure and recreational activities, working and looking after older people and disabled individuals, and working and investing in young people to better help them and develop their future, by offering skill and educational based training etc.

who benefits from our work?

Many people will benefit from what we are trying to accomplish if you donate and help not only are you helping to promote a better health, education, work, social care system but you are also helping to shape people's live's, we need as much funding as we can acquire, because there are lot of neglected and disadvantaged people in Africa, especially the elderly, disabled people, help as so we can build and accommodate and help and support these individuals throughout the long run, and build proper care homes and homes that will be fully funded and supported by as we hope to hire health professionals like nurses, social workers and doctor's in order to make this happen.

what kind of activity's will we be undertaking?

As a non-profit organization, we aim first to amplify the education systems, by giving out bursary's and sponsoring people to study in better schools, we also hope to build better schools and more universities that provide better education, we also aim to provide skilled training in different area's and sector's, to adult and young learners who are unable to work, and also help those with learning difficulties in schools, we strive to help prevent bullying in schools, offering rehabilitation systems and center's to those who need the care for example alcoholics, people on drugs and many other addiction's, we also strive to provide living facilities and that are good for homeless people and maybe help, train and educate them to better their lives, in future giving that we have the highest funding we hope to promote a better health care system for people maybe even a free health care system funded by us and the government but we can only achieve this if you help us and donate, since we are quite newly established we are still working on a lot of things for now and for the future, and also working on expanding our team to diversify ourselves.

we are also looking to address unemployment rate's and maybe provide a job seeker's allowance for those who are out of employment, we also hope to build company's so we can offer the right employment payment rate's, at the moment a few of our team member's are out there doing the work and learning how we are going to implement some of these strategies, but we need your help, your donation's we also to better pharmaceutical industry's so that people can afford cheaper and better medications, we hope to buy land and grow crop's, so that we can sell cheaper goods and food to everyone in society we believe that this will promote equality, please donate it would be of great appreciation.

At the moment we are in the middle of developing ou website and trying to get out there, follow us on Twitter and Facebook and keep updated: