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Dominion Care and Charity

The Care System in place for our Elderly in the East End is woefully inadequate. Overworked, underpaid and  untrained Carers work for...

We did it!

On 29th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £25 with 4 supporters in 28 days

The Care System in place for our Elderly in the East End is woefully inadequate. Overworked, underpaid and  untrained Carers work for unscrupulous Providers, while we do a better job ourselves, out of necessity.

Briefing: The Health and Care of Older People in England 2015

 More than a million older people in England now have at least one unmet need for social care, compared to 800,000 in 2010; this means they receive no help from their local authority or from family, neighbours or friends.

 The risk of having an unmet care need is greatest for the oldest and those who live alone.

 Around half of those older people who have difficulty bathing or getting dressed without help, and around a third of those older people who have difficulty going to the toilet unaided, are receiving no support.

  The numbers caring informally for older people have fluctuated slightly in recent years, but in 2014 about one in six of the population were doing so, a third of them for more than 20 hours a week.

 Higher numbers of older people are unpaid carers compared to the population as a whole and their numbers are rising: as a result one in five people aged 65 and over was caring in 2014, a quarter of them effectively full-time (more than 50 hours a week).

 Between 2005/6 and 2010/11 public funding for older people’s social care stagnated

 From 2010/11 to 2013/14 public funding for older people’s social care (including transfers from the NHS to councils) decreased by 10 per cent in real terms

 1.4 million people aged 65+ provide unpaid care for a partner, family, or others (Census 2011)

 A fifth of all carers aged 75+ provide 50 or more hours of informal care each week (DWP 2012)

Now, to me that sort of says, when you do get old in the UK, you basically look after yourself.

No one really cares what happens to them, and what quality of life they now have. Even though their spouses, families and friends save the NHS Millions per year, the Social Care network is overstretched, undermanned and finds its independent units nullified and unable to help.

Once so proud, now so isolated, and with no means to be heard, they survive in little pockets, supported by volunteers like my Mum, who cooks lunch twice a week for the elderly, she has one other lady help her, she cooks it, serves it and best of all, she pushes two great old ladies back up to their flat, otherwise they wouldn't be able to get down, not only for lunch, but for the only real company that they get.

Can you imagine how lonely and sad it must be to feel forgotten, ignored and unheard by your own Community, after years of service and NI payments?

The money is there and we intend to use it. The NHS have a budget of £13billion, we will take as much as we can get and use it for our own benefit. My sister has over 10 years’ experience  in the Care Industry, andwe have more experienced Carers willing and passionate to get involved. We intend to train our Carers in-house, to our standards, and maybe lay the foundations for a generation that truly cares.

Its time to change it, all of it, we will add the best Trained Carers to our already Passionate and Professional staff, we will have people to push wheelchairs, we will have vehicles to transport, we will have social integration and regular trips, that sounds funny...regular trips, some of these poor people havent been to a park in years, because there is no one to take them, it is borderline criminal when you really have a close look at it.  

Once up and running, the Commercial side of the Organisation will fund the Charity side, I'm hoping that enough people will want to help and have an opinion on what we are trying to achieve to enable us to at least give it a go. This money raising lark is all new to me, but, by the Grace of God it will truly give us a chance to affect change and to prove that if we all work together, it can be done, and great things can be achieved...

Many thanks

God bless


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