My Skydive for people with Postpartum  Psychosis

by Dominic Bamber in York, England, United Kingdom

My Skydive for people with Postpartum  Psychosis
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

My sister suffered Postpartum Psychosis with both children & was extremely upsetting to witness.

by Dominic Bamber in York, England, United Kingdom

You might be wondering why I would willingly jump out of a plane whilst it was mid air... I decided to do this as my little sister (not so little as she is 30 next month..) experienced something that could happen to anyone at any point, anywhere. This thing isn't prejudice, it isn't choosey, it doesn't discriminate. This thing is perinatal mental illness. It doesn't just effect the life of the mum? It effects the children, the partners, the families and the friends attached to the mum. For my sister when her illness was at it's worst, I couldn't help as I didn't know. She was too scared to talk and too frightened what might happen if she did. Now she is better I know she reached out to 3rd sector charities like PANDAS and APP. This is why I have chosen to do a sky dive for APP, to raise the much needed money to keep charities like this going, as they were invaluable to her. My sister wrote this guest blog for the PANDAS charity when her youngest was 9 weeks old, it will give you an idea of what she experienced. Anything you can donate would be amazing and could potentially touch so many lives. Never suffer in silence.

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