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We're dedicated to staying safe while looking great! That’s why our Dojo Films PPE range will be the best purchase you'll make this year...

by Dojo Films in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We not only want to enhance our branding with this new line of items, and increase awareness of our production capabilities, but we also want to engage with our family of creatives and collaborate with them as opportunities start to surface again in the future!

We really appreciate your support x 

Like everyone else, at Dojo Films we’ve had an up and down year.

Back in January, we were projected to increase our revenues by more than 300%, working with some amazing brands across three different continents! After numerous lockdowns, project cancellations and hundreds of quaratininis later - we’re surviving - but far from thriving.

So screw you 2020!

However, with our eternally positive attitude, we've managed to diversify to keep ourselves afloat, moving into previously unknown territories of animation, graphics and even the dreaded Zoom repurposing!


Keeping this diversification trend going, we are now leveraging our burgeoning fashion & PPE range, which we can bring to you at close to WHOLESALE PRICE, due to the Mayor of London’s match funding programme!


EVERY sale will be matched by the Mayor's Back to Business Fund, which means your Dojo Films cap and face mask will not only make you look seriously awesome on the streets, and keep you safe and healthy at an incredibly low cost, but also give us FREE MONEY from our main man Sadiq.

It’s a WIN - WIN for everyone involved.


But there is a limit on the Mayor's Back to Business Fund of £1m for EVERYONE who applies - so we need to ACT FAST.

Stop spreading the virus and start spreading the word. Dojo Films is taking the fashion / health & safety world by storm!



Dojo Films is a global video production company based in Soho, London. We are family of creative talent making content for a broad range of international clients. 


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£10 or more

Dojo Films Mask - Black

Pledge £10 and we will send you a black branded mask keeping you safe and looking cool through these tough months ahead.

£15 or more

Dojo Films City Masks

Pledge £15 and we will send you one of our cityscape masks, you can choose from either an LA (as modelled in overview section), NYC or London background (design images shown in overview section) to keep you looking stylish and safe at all times.

£15 or more

Dojo Films - Baby Bibs

A fun Dojo films bib for the little one!

£25 or more

Dojo Films Cap or T-Shirt

Pledge £25 today and have your choice of a Dojo Films T-Shirt (available in white and black) or our flagship piece of 'merch', the Dojo cap.

£30 or more

COMBO DEAL 1 - Dojo Films Cap and Black Mask

Pledge £30 and receive your own Dojo Films Cap and Black mask combo. You will look great!

£35 or more

COMBO DEAL 2 - Dojo Films Cap and City Mask

Dojo Films Cap and Cityscape Mask COMBO DEAL.

£50 or more

Dojo Films Hoodie

Your own Dojo Films hoodie, available in a range of colours including our signature space grey.

£50 or more

'Just because you love us'

If this stash isn't your style, firstly - we're shocked! Secondly, you can still show your love and support. Pledge £50 to us because you love us and we'll love you back.

£50 or more

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'A Dojo Gift For Two'

The perfect gift for the perfect couple! 2 x T-Shirts in his & hers 2 x Black face masks

£80 or more

COMBO DEAL 3 - Dojo Films Cap, Hoodie & T-Shirt

Look the real McCoy with this epic combo deal of cap, hoodie and t-shirt!

£100 or more


We will send you every item we make, that's a T-Shirt, a cap, 2 x masks and a hoodie!

£1,000 or more

Video Production Services - Get 10% EXTRA

Pledge anything from £1000 and upwards and we will set this aside for future video production projects with you or your business and we'll even chuck in an extra 10% of value from our side for the advance payment, thanks!

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