Dogs world

Dogs world

Dogs World would be a place were people with money problems can bring dogs to receive veterinary cures without spend money or with...

We did it!

On 22nd Feb 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

 My life was always difficult, but I have always won difficulties thank you to a dog close to me. I'm 47 y.o. now and 35 years of my life passed with dogs, for passion, for work, as owner. I had wonderful moments with dogs, more than with people. I'm in a season of my life where I feel very tired of work and usual life, and I would like to give back to dogs some of the help, friendship, and wellbeing I've received from them.

This is the reason why I've decided to build "Dog's World". In UK everything related to pets it's very expensive: veterinary, medicines, grooming, food, etc. Then there is the problem of dogs abandoned, abused or with care problems.

Dogs World would be a place were people with money problems can bring dogs to receive veterinary cures without spend money or with a voluntary offer based on how much they can give. A place where they can have a medicine for free. A place where dogs with behavioural problems could be re-educated. A place where abandoned dogs could be recovered and cured. A place where people can bring the dog for free if they can't afford a dog sitter. A place where a dog can be groomed for free or with a voluntary offer. A place where dogs can receive care and love, attentions and cures.

But "Dog's World" would be also a place for research,  research for new ways to help dog's health, improve medicines, improve way to cure diseases, improve to study the origin of dog's cancers. Research better diets, better ingredients, better way of nutrition. Everything made without touching animals, without experimentation on them, without cruelties, because research doesn't need these things.

This would be not the usual kennel but a place completely different, where the love and wellbeing for dogs is the main purpose, where help for less lucky people and dogs it's the main goal. It would be a community help and support center for dogs and owners, supported by people with the same love for dogs as mine, supported by best veterinarian to give best cures, supported by lovely groomers, nurses, walkers and sitters.

How to do this? Initially with your help by crowfunding, to can build and prepare all the project, then with the help of self donations, charities, volunteers,  companies donations etc. Many places for humans are maintained thank you to gift, private subsidies, charity and other helps, places that do research against cancer or other diseases. I would like to use the same way for my project.

But to start everything and push this dream toward reality I need your help, with your offers in this crowfunding website.

Please, have faith in my love for animals and my vision. The greatest things were made by visionary people, I'm one of them.

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