Indoor Doggy Play Barns (like the ones for kids)

Indoor Doggy Play Barns (like the ones for kids)

To create a franchise of UK wide Indoor Doggy Play Barns, like the ones you take kids to, but specially designed for dogs!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Welcome to Doggy Play Barn!
There are an estimated 8.5 million dog owners in the UK and yet there are very few places that permit dog owners to let their dogs off the lead to run around and play. We want to have fun with our dogs. 

The aim of this project is to create a national chain of indoor doggy play barns, similar to the ones created for kids, where dog owners can take their pets to burn off energy and interact with other dogs. There will be slides, steep ramps, ball pits, indoor lake,  see-saws, stairs, tunnels, sprinklers, trampolines, ball mortars, play duck fetch, complex slaloms and a fun running area where a rabbit (similar to the greyhound stadiums) will be dashing around for the pooches to chase. This is not an extensive list, and activities will be chosen to activate the instinct within specific breeds. Eg Chase, Fetch, Working, Herding, Agility etc.

When you arrive, your dog will be booked in and fitted with a tracking pendant onto their collar which will link through to a downloadable app so you can track their activity, calories burned, and in case they're hiding from you in the ball pit, you'll be able to track them. It also ensures that no pets can be taken off premises, as the tags can not be removed without a special wand and will activate alarms if taken beyond the exit (like store security).

Within the Doggy Play Barns there will be the main air conditioned play area, as well as a comfortable plush seating area for owners with TV's, Mobile charging, free social media login wifi and supported by a coffee shop serving locally sourced good quality food that doesn't cost the earth.

Specific sanitisation and good behaviour staff will be on hand to clean up after your dog and ensure all dogs play nicely, so you can just relax, socialise and have a guilt free time. Alternatively, if you want to run around and play with your dog and other dogs, then feel free! Jump on in!

This project is for funding a national presence, albeit small at first, the aim is to create 4 venues in Manchester, Northamptonshire, London, Cardiff, with an expansion plan to put one in every major city in the U.K., before moving across to Europe and America.