The Dog Education Project

by Pawfect Dogsense CIC in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 12th January 2018 we successfully raised £1,169 with 46 supporters in 42 days

Bringing quality education, equipment and force free training to humans for dogs in the heart of community parks

by Pawfect Dogsense CIC in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

The Dog Education Project is the beginning of a whole new story for dogs.

Rescue organisations spend millions of pounds every year re-homing dogs that have suffered from a simple lack of human education and training.

We believe education about dog behaviour and training should be free, fun and easily accessible for all.

A dogs welfare shouldn't depend on how much money is in their owners pocket and in a few short years of education we can change the fate of a whole nation of dog owners.      

We are going to empower present and future dog owners with free training sessions and workshops in the heart of their public parks. Dog ownership can be delicious if you know how to: 

  • Buy and train puppies from an early age
  • Avoid puppy farmers and identify poorly reared pups
  • Read and understand dog body language
  • Use pain free positive training techniques in training & rescue rehab

Phase 1: Regional Education tour: £15,000

Starting in the West Midlands we will deliver 10 practical dog training days in public parks all over the region offering free classes, equipment and training books to local dog owners. We will also run 4 free education workshops North, South, East & West of Birmingham. We will send education packs to every vet, rescue and pet shop in the region and invite every positive pet professional to put a paw print into this campaign. 
We intend to touch the lives of 1500 dog owners in Phase 1, building a foundation of positive training and buying ethics that will continue to ripple out through community training supported by vet, rescue and pet shop networks.  
We've tried and tested these sessions for 7 years. They're always fully booked and owners LOVE them!                         
Now we want to give them away for free beause we 

                                                                             LOVE PETS, NOT PROFITS

But this project isn't just going to help dogs and their owners..
Vets, Pet shops, Rescues, Dog Trainers, Walkers, Parents, Cats.. even dog haters all stand to benefit from this project!
To find out more about the ripple effects of this project CLICK HERE

Stretch Goals:

Phase 2: Education Bus & Pre Trained Puppy Breeder Scheme  
If we are blessed with on going support from additional donations we will buy and refit an education bus and plan a national tour of these free sessions to touch the lives of as many communities as possible.
We will also lay the groundwork to introduce and promote the 'Pre Trained Puppy' & 'Prove your Pricetag' schemes for breeders  & prospective puppy buyers. Puppies CAN be bought at 8 weeks having been fully house trained, taught to sit and come to their name, chew toy & crate trainedsocialised to urban sights and sounds and confident of handling by men and children. This will only become the norm when buyers learn to demand these standards from breeders. Puppies trained this way will be bombproof for life and never experience the fears and phobias we behaviourists get paid a small fortune to try and fix in todays domestic dog population. Breeders also need to be trained to understand the important work that needs to go into puppy socialisaition pre sale and held accountable by buyers to Prove their Pricetag!    

Phase 3: Roll out of The Dog Education Project Nationally + Video Series 

If we get support from a sponsor or gifted with continual donations we will travel around the UK providing free workshops and practical training sessions far and wide, video blogging the lives your donations are changing along the way. We will also produce a free video based online training resource!               

Phase 4: The Dog Education Cafe & Community Hub       
The set up of a community cafe that brings dogs & people (especially children) together in a mutually satisfying setting is long overdue. One day we hope to open an education cafe or pop up training shop to make access to information about;

  • Dog behaviour
  • Training 
  • Buying Dogs
  • Greeting & Handling 

readily available to the public on the high street. There are vets and pet stores in every suburb.. so where are all the training shops...                                                 


More About the Company: 
For 7 years Pawfect Dogsense have worked tirelessly providing training classes, workshops and private training for dogs, owners and pet professionals in the Midlands. The MD Hannah Molloy holds a BSc honours degree in Animal Behaviour, is a published author in the Journal for Applied Animal Behaviour and was awarded ‘Best Presentation’ at the 1st International Animal Training Conference for her work on ‘Dog Body Language Myths and Mirroring’. An ex Dogs Trust training and behavioural advisor, Pets as Therapy temperament assessor and speaker for the charity Medical Detection Dogs, Hannah started a training and education company in 2011 specialising in body language and force free training. Hannah has appeared as a dog agony aunt on BBC Radio WM, trained dogs for use on the Gadget Show and BBC’s Countryfile and had her company featured on Made TV. Pawfect Dogsense has now turned into a non profit CIC to lead by example and pave the way for a free dog education revolution. 
Love pets, Not profits.  

It makes Pawfect Dogsense to us. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

More than a Feeling

A Massive Thank You from all of the dogs and everyone at Pawfect Dogsense CIC!!

£15 or more

Personalised Thank You Video

Our Dogs will send you a personalised Thank you video complete with a wave and round of a-paws!!

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Clicker Training Bundle

A Training clicker, how-to helpsheet and signed photo of the team saying Thank You posted to your address! (Uk only)

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Skype Chat with Behaviourist

Talk to Hannah Live on Skype for one hour! Ask Questions about your dog, show her video footage for analysis or simply pick her brain about training!

£45 or more

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Private Training Voucher

1 hours private dog training in Birmingham UK with our fantastic team! Plus a pre consult call so we can design your perfect session with us! Great as a gift for a dog friend in need

£100 or more

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Speaker Visit from Hannah

Hannah will come and speak to your school, work place or hobby group about the project and show you how to teach any dog to use its nose!

£200 or more

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Dog Trainer for a Day

The Pawfect Gift Experience! Spend 24 hours in a trainer and behaviourists footsteps and see what life is like to be a full time dog trainer and pet behaviour specialist! Includes private training session, video analysis, dog walks and a real client consultation

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