Charity dog sledding challenge in the Arctic

Charity dog sledding challenge in the Arctic

I need to raise £4000 to secure a place on a dog sledding challenge where I will raise £15,000 for Five Stars Appeal and Brainstrust.

We did it!

On 22nd Sep 2015 we successfully raised £150 with 5 supporters in 35 days

My name is Rachel Stretch and I have a Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade 4 brain tumour which is terminal.

I had been ill for some time and on Sunday 12th April 2013 I became very ill with a blinding headache and constant vomiting. In the days that followed I was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour and quickly had an emergency operation. After my operation I was allowed to recover slightly for a few weeks before starting my six week course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy concurrently. As you can imagine, it was a devastating time for me and my family. Two years on and I am now living drug and treatment free.

My family and I were helped enormously by Brainstrust at such a traumatic time so I would like to give something back and help them by raising much needed funds and awareness.  In order to raise funds, I’m taking on the gruelling challenge of dog sledding across the Arctic. Not an easy task but I’ve got time to get mentally and physically prepared as the challenge will take place in February 2016. I will also be raising funds for a little boy called Jude, via Five Stars Appeal Charity, who has cerebral palsy and needs a life changing operation but funds are not available for Jude on the NHS so his parents have the daunting task of raising the funds.


Project aim

The aim is to raise £4,000 sponsorship to secure a place on a dog sledding challenge where I then aim to raise £15,000 or more for Brainstrust and Five Stars Appeal, the charity supporting Jude. With help from the Five Stars Appeal, we will promote the dog sled challenge via social media, e-shots to the charity’s 10,000 database as well as local and national press. See details re sponsorship below.


About the project

PLEASE help me to help others with life threatening and terminal illnesses by sponsoring me to go to the Arctic and take part in this challenge of driving my own team of huskies, mushing over 200kms through frozen landscapes for 6 days. This task is not an easy one as it will be below 0 degC so freezing cold and a serious test of endurance.

With your help, I aim to raise £15,000 which will be donated to the two charities, Brainstrust and Five Stars Appeal.


About The Charities

The Brainstrust helped me and my family after I had my brain tumour operation and subsequent chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Through the Meetups they arrange we got to meet other people and families just like us, chat and support each other. As a result I now volunteer with Brainstrust.

Brainstrust aims to help everyone diagnosed with a brain tumour access the help they need to get back on top of things by improving clinical care for brain tumour sufferers and provide co-ordinated support in their search for treatment. They also provide support and advice from the point of diagnosis and beyond. If you would like further information please visit the Brainstrust website

Over 55,000 people in the UK are living with a brain tumour, I am one of these. Approx 4,750 individuals are diagnosed with brain cancer every year and a further 4,500 are diagnosed with non-invasive tumours of the central nervous system. More funding is required to allow medical research staff to perform further research on brain tumours to deliver much needed information about this silent killer and to increase the speed of finding improved treatments.


Five Stars Appeal, based in Prestwich, helped me after my brain tumour operation. I volunteered with them to get out of the house and back into the world. They were all very supportive and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. The charity has donated over £3.5million to local children’s hospitals in Manchester and now help individual children who need to raise funds for medical treatment or operations when funds are not available on the NHS. They are currently raising money for a little boy called Jude who has cerebral palsy and needs an SDR operation. It will be the first SDR operation performed at the Portland Hospital in London and will cost over £35,000. If you would like further information please visit the Five Stars Appeal website



We aim to ask individual people to help to raise the £4,000 as well as a minimum of eight businesses to sponsor me £500 per business towards the cost of the fundraising challenge.  Any money collected over the £4,000 will be used towards the £15,000.

In return, the companies, as well as helping two worthwhile charities, will benefit from the following:

  • Company logo on the Five Stars Appeal charity website
  • Company logo on all e-shots related to fundraising going to 10,000+ database
  • Company listed in the pre press releases
  • Company listed/mentioned in social media activity
  • Company listed on all fundraising pages
  • Company logo on t-shirts worn by Rachel for all promotional material and trip
  • Thank you poster showing pictures of Rachel’s achievement and your company logo
  • Post press release listing

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