Dog Poo Friendly Stickers

Dog Poo Friendly Stickers

Had enough of dodging poo on the pavement? Sick of poop bags hanging in trees. Show owner that your wheelie bin is dog poo friendly!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Who wouldn't love to live in a dog poo free world? Unfortunately this is never going to happen.  As council funding is getting desperate the available dog poo bins are emptied less frequently, and those that have been damaged are removed rather than replaced.  

I'm tired of cleaning dog poo off shoes and buggy wheels, and fed up with seeing  poo bags in piles by the path or hanging  in trees.  Moaning about it online achieves nothing, and as I'm not a dog owner I felt powerless to help make my community a more pleasant place to be.  

This was until I realised there is something we all can do.

I'm happy to have owners leave their dog poo bags in my wheelie bin for the council to collect.  Are you?

With Dog Poo Friendly Wheelie bin stickers dog owners know this and you and I can do our bit to keep our community clean.