Dog Behaviour Modification Social Drop in Center

by Claire in Ramsgate, England, United Kingdom


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A Center where owners can visit for Free advice, Free Educational Talks. Paid behaviour modification training and puppy life skills classes

by Claire in Ramsgate, England, United Kingdom

Hello, Thank you for visiting my project page. 

Since young I have been surrounded by animals and grown up with a love for all creatures... even the creepy crawly ones! I have rescued many, rehabilitated and released. 

When I finished school I was desperate to study animal behaviour, the only courses available were the other end of the country and financially this wasn't possible.  No online courses back then!

I feel truly blessed by my ability to calm stressed animals, here is an example of just that... Out for the day with my dog, 20 years old.  We were getting low on water so we stopped by a pub for a refill.

As I walked in I saw the most beautiful German Shepherd.  She's laid on the floor looking anxious. 

I refill my bottle and head over to the owner to ask if I may say hello to her.

"I wouldn't" He said. "Even my girlfriend of five years can't get near her, she bites"

Quite a few of the customers backed up his statement.

His reply made me more determined to make friends with this beauty so I asked if I may still try. 

I sat on the floor a few feet away eating some crisps (the suggested treat) which gained her attention.

Within a few minutes she was brave enough to take one from my hand, no longer than ten minutes she was lapping up my attention, she even asked for a tummy rub... We parted company after the dog had, ever so gently, taken a crisp from my mouth.  

Many years went by, my yearning to help/work with animals led me to study dog psychology and behaviour modification. 

I have since worked voluntarily, rehabilitating dog behaviour issues to gain experience and great referrals.

Through this work I have come across a range of issues, almost all could have been prevented by owner education prior to getting a puppy or adult dog. 

With so many rescued dogs becoming family pets, people are struggling with behaviour issues and the dogs often end up back in rescue centers or euthanized.

Dogs are biting vets, groomers. their owners, making difficult to work with them as well as causing stress to all involved.

                These issues can be a Death sentence.

Dog training is expensive, often with no guarantees of behaviour modification. People on low incomes simply can't afford.

I feel all good humans deserve a furry companion. Pets are good for our well being, mental and physical health. My center would help the lower income owners who otherwise could be lacking advice.

Many people become dog owners because they are lonely. The Free Drop In center will be open Monday to Saturday. With a warm welcome and a hot cuppa it will be an excellent venue to make new friends.

My aim is to give the public a place they can visit with their dog, socialise with other owners, have a cuppa and a chat. Myself and another trainer on hand to advise with behaviour issues and concerns.  This would be free service to any dog owner or soon to be dog owner.

Evening classes for puppy life skills.

These classes will be to desensitise the puppies to all that they will experience in life that they may otherwise find frightening. The sessions will be uniquely off leash with training through play. They will learn the skills to become balanced happy dog's.

The owners will be taught how to socialise their pet with humans, dogs, other animals, vets and groomers. 

The puppies will be taught how to play/socialise with respect. They will learn to relax when being handled by a stranger.

           This can be a life saver in many situations.

Evening and weekend one to one training/behaviour modification sessions.

These will be available for owners to work with myself in rehabilitation of their dogs behaviour issues. I will teach the owners what their dog is communicating through reading the dogs body language/ psychology and teach them how to correct the unwanted behaviour. Work with the dog so that he/she understands what is expected.

Child safety sessions. 

These will be Free to attend and are Highly important in bite prevention towards children.  There will be a talk from myself aimed at parents, teachers and children as well as the opportunity for children to interact with gentle, calm, friendly dogs under the professional guidance of myself or another dog trainer. 

Other classes available.... 

With special guests, Vets, Groomers, Police, Therapists and other  trainers all  invited to speak.

This center will save dogs from living their whole life unbalanced and unhappy.  It will prevent puppies and adult dogs from being re-homed or left at rescue centers. It will prevent unnecessary deaths from euthanasia for issues that could have been resolved. It will aid vets, groomers, and other canine workers to reduce bites during handling.  It may even save a child's life.

With support from the crowd funding...

I would like to pay for one years rent of a suitable premises which is looking to be around 15K The rest would purchase the equipment required to get this started. 

Items such as treadmills (A great way for reactive dog's to release energy).

Examination tables for desensitising being handled by strangers (perfect to reduce stress at the vets/groomers).

Anti slip matting to prevent falls, to make it safe for humans and hounds.

This will allow the business to grow which will then allow for expansion and create jobs for other trainers,cafe staff and puppy cuddle assistant's. At the moment i work alone through house calls. This is time consuming, of which would be required less with a permanent venue. Therefore giving me extra time to help more of these amazing canines.

Any pledge, however small will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for helping with my project. 

                     Assisting Dogs In Leading The

                  Happy, Balanced Life They Deserve.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£70 or more

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Free Initial Consultation

Free consultation at the center or your home depending on issue and location. This will give you an insight into how to correct your dogs behaviour issues as well as building the foundations to behaviour stability. Behaviour change guaranteed.

£20 or more

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Free Entry to Two Puppy Club Sessions

Bring your new puppy to socialize with other puppies and humans at the center. A must have for the development of a confident dog.

£50 or more

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Free Leash Training

Free Leash training at the center. If your dog pulls you in every direction he/she fancies and you have no control of your pet, this is ideal. I will train your dog to walk calmly and teach you how to achieve this.

£1,000 or more

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Free behaviour rehabilitation or puppy classes.

If you generously pledge £1000 or more to my cause I will work with you and your dog or your new puppy will be able to attend a six week life skills course for free at the center.

Let's make 'Dog Behaviour Modification Social Drop in Center' happen

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