Documentary on Faroe Islands' Gender Deficit

Spending time on the Faroe Islands to document the life of Thai/Filipino brides that immigrate to marry the men that occupy the islands

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Working title: Far From Faroe

In the windswept archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Faroe Islands house more than 300 women from afar - particularly from Thailiand and the Phillippines. They have all come for love and for another life. 

Faroe Islands is currently experiencing a change in their demographic, described by the prime minister as a "gender deficit" as their female youths in high numbers are leaving the Islands for brighter futures. However many of the men stay back in the picturesque landscape and this unbalance pushes more and more Faroe men to seek love elsewhere namely Thailand and the Phillipines. It is thought there is a gap of over 2000 fewer women than men in the islands' population

This documentary will speak to some of the women that have recently arrived at the islands to find out how it felt to move to the other side of the world. Leaving the warm, sunny tropics and settling in the cold, windy archipelago. How did they feel when first arriving? How did they cope with their new home, new culture and new language? Do they miss their homecountry? 

We will also seek out to a man who is yet to find his wife in the tropics and we will investigate into how they meet and marry. 

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