Dock - Change your Wi-Fi game forever!

by Vilius Remeikis in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

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We have a great product and we want to raise money to invest into marketing and manufacturing tools.

by Vilius Remeikis in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Who are we?

We are Oxeegen Design, a young start-up in Leeds, England. Our aim is to make our customers' life a little easier by bringing great ideas to life. We are trying to make a name for ourselves so we'll do everything to deliver a great result to each and every backer of ours.

Panorama of Leeds, England

What is Dock?

Dock allows your friends to connect their phones to your Wi-Fi network by touching it with the back of their phones or scanning it with their phone camera. No need to type anything manually, we made it effortless.

Now we need your help!

We have an amazing product that would benefit every home, office and business, however, we need your help to get Dock out there. Most of the money raised will be spent on marketing and machinery. We would like to purchase a mold for manufacturing plastic frames that you can see at the bottom of Dock, since 3D printing is a long and way more expensive process. Shortly after this campaign, we will be sending samples of Dock to real estate agencies, hotels, coffee shops, businesses and pretty much all places where people are using Wi-Fi a lot.

And we will still be planting trees! Our aim is to make the world at least a bit greener and Dock is a great opportunity for us to do that. If you believe in what we do, please consider supporting this campaign, because every little helps.

Long-lasting design and premium materials

Choose from 3 different colors of wood and 8 password card designs! We use premium quality Ash (lightest color) and Oak (two darker shades) wood. Dock's wood is protected with high quality protective oils without eliminating it's naturally warm texture and feel. The plastic frame at the bottom is 3D printed with high precision to detail, meanwhile, the password card is secured by a laser cut piece of acrylic glass.

Dock has an embedded Near-Field Communication chip which is isolated from electromagnetic noise, humidity and physical damage. This means your device will serve you many years to come without any faults.

You will never, ever, EVER have to charge it! 

As you move your phone to Dock, electromagnetic field coming out of your phone inducts a small current which powers the components inside. Dock will not become another device that you need to take care of. Just put it there and use it whenever you want!

What phones does it work with? All of them! 

iPhone devices are able to connect with a camera scan without any additional applications. Touch and connect works with all Android devices, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs max and iPhone XR without any additional applications! In case your guests have any NFC reading apps on their earlier iPhones, they can also touch Dock instead of scanning.

Your buddy brought a laptop? No worries, there is always a password displayed at the back of Dock.

Changed password? Get your card replaced for free!

All of our backers will get a unique code which can be redeemed on our upcoming website. It will give you a free card for every Dock you own in case your password changes or you are not happy with your selected card design. We will give it to you for free! Acrylic glass slides out easily if you give it a push, allowing to replace your password card. Cool, right?

Every 10 units sold = 1 tree planted!

Every unit of Dock sold contributes to 1/10 of a tree planted. Carbon Footprint is an organization that will help us to make our planet greener!

Impress your friends and give your home a warm and welcoming touch today!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£29 or more

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One Dock device

One Dock device of your chosen design + international shipping + technical support.

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Two Dock devices

Two Dock devices of your chosen design + international shipping + technical support.

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Three Dock devices

Three Dock devices of your chosen design + international shipping + technical support.

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£20 Reward

Four Dock devices of your chosen design + international shipping + technical support.

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