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On 2nd March 2020 we successfully raised £1,871 with 54 supporters in 49 days

To turn our hobby/dream into a business. Upcycling is a Fantastic wardrobe game-changer. We want to make upcycling the next big thing.

by She Sew Fine From MeSh in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The extra funding will go towards new  sewing machines, materials and textiles. It will also help to fund pitches in markets and pop up shops.

In addition, the money will help cover startup costs (trademark, company registration, legal documents) and operating expenses (delivery expenses and website maintenance)

The MeSh way is Me. An independent designer specialising in personalised T-shirts and clothing. But the team is growing all striving to make upcycling the next big thing.

We do this as a hobby but would like to make it into a business. This means so much to us.  

All of the pictures on here are Upcycled items. Most of the patterned prints used to be a pair of trousers or a dress or another item of clothing. There’s even a denim jacket and tracksuit bottom mix.

We like mixing bold and ethnic prints and colours with everyday style. We thrive on individuality and uniqueness so offer personalisation on all items . Personalised clothes can be powerful and individual statement 

Clothes make for people like us by us has helped increase our self-esteem and confidence. Being proud of who we are.

My favourite part of MeSh is our Upcycling service. I love making the old new again.

Every Friday is upcycle day, doing it the MeSh way.

What we do at MeSh

#Upcycling old items to create something new
#Blending bold colours and prints on T-shirts designs
#All items that are donated for upcycling that are used are donated to the local charity.

Why are we crowdfunding?

We are crowdfunding to raise funds move this from a hobby into a business 

The funding will go towards buying equipment. At present I do all the designs on my phone. To buy a laptop would help broaden up the variety of the designs I am able to create. 

I would really like to expand the range of products and upcycling range.  We need this such as a new cutter to help expand how we upcycling old clothes

There will be loads of rewards and competitions offered start from £2 pledges so it doesn't just have to be a donation, people can get some beautiful things for their money or win gifts

Later on in the year we would like to put on a fashion show to showcase upcycling .

We will need support in the form of donations, investors, models, location, music so anything you can do to help, please do. And remember I make clothes for us so models required need to look like us. No size to big or small Just beautiful 

Why this is so important to me. 

Over the last couple of years health issues have made me look at life a bit differently. Doing something I enjoy is enormously rewarding. MeSh is rewarding and I can share this with others and can design despite health issues. Upcycling gives me that good feeling inside and that is good for my mental health. Upcycling is also good for the planet as we reuse what we already have to create something new.

I’ve always been a mesh type of girl. Never wanted to follow the crowd. 

My mother was a seamstress and as her eldest daughter I wasn’t given a choice to learn her trade.

The best part of it for me was that I got to spend loads of time with mummy.

We worked hard but talked a lot, had a laugh and I learned so much. 

I didn’t fully appreciate this gift until I started clubbing

There was no way me and my friends could afford to buy a different outfit for all the times as we went out 4-5 nights a week  

So with the help of my mum I made our clothes or up-cycled things we already owned. It was a lot cheaper and no one in the event ever had the same outfit as us.

In fact even our outfits were never the same, same print different designs. 

We had different body shapes and different ideas so our outfits would reflect this.  

Mummy thought me how to create something brand new from just mixing and matching.

Back then colours had to go, there was an order but now a days we blend everything

We go through life at times and miss out on things we enjoy over things we have to do.

And with the size of my wardrobe, upcycling  has been a life saver for my purse and I can get to keep using my favourite fabrics. I wanted to share this with the world. So along came MeSh.

So that's where is started 

I'm turning my hobby into my dream and it growing. More female are getting involved and learning new skills

I know my mum is smiling down on me

So we asking for your support. Every little helps

We would like to put on a fashion show to showcase Upcycling.   

There are a lot of I's in this as MeSh is me and I started it by myself but over the last couple of weeks I have had the help of a couple of other females who want to help make this dream come true as well as learning valuable new skills.

Thank you for taking the time and reading about my project. 


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Personalised hoodie to say thank you for your donation

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Just because

Just to say thank you as every little helps. We will be endlessly grateful to you for your support

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Make up bag

Personalised make up bag to say thank you for your donation

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Personalised socks to say thank you for your donation

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£5 competition

Competition. There will be one winner who will receive £15 voucher to spend on the website. Winner will be announced on 2nd March 2020

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A pair of personalised gloves to say thank you for your support

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Personalised pillow case

Personalised pillow case to say thank you for your support

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Personalised bag

Personalised bag to say thank you for your donation

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Personalised bracelet

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Choose a T-shirt from the site to say thank you for your donation

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Personalised jumper of your choice to say thank you for your pledge and support.

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Personalised tracksuit of your choice to say thank you for your pledge and support.

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