DMBC intersport training

To record and publish 7 episodes of an inter-sports training series for publication online to demonstrate how to perform in various sports

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am aiming to raise money to cover the cost of equipment and travel required to achieve this project. I already have 7 sports clubs and instructors around the UK lined up to take part in this and I have a few more I am in discussions with including Climbing, Cycling, Martial arts, Gymnastics, Netball, American football and lacrosse.

I have 12 years of experience of basketball coaching and I am also a personal trainer but I want to highlight the difference in fitness training between high level athletes while improving peoples knowledge of the sports and the fitness training involved in performing at this level.

I am proud to have performed very highly with every team I have ever coached at every level but I am always striving to better understand performance and know I can learn and extract useful techniques from other sports. I also feel by doing this I help other coaches to do the same without having to do the travel and work themselves.