DLH-Professional Services Need You!

DLH-Professional Services Need You!

Raise the funds to continue to develop a family orientated business, Grow the family legacy and introduce up to 25 employment opportunities

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

To raise the funds to continue to develop a family orientated business, I have taken on the reigns from my grandparents who previously took on the business from their parents so it is a family legacy and i wish to maintian its impecable reputation and build it futher byt investing into the development and growth of the project.


The funds will contribute towards the securing the requirements in order to fulfil a national contract which i have earned via tenders/procurement, this is a great opportunity as it will take the business into an all time high during the process it will provide a minumum of 5 full time jobs and 2 part time jobs as well as a weekend job for one person, the potential to introduce an apprentice will also become available in the near future.

The funds will contribute to the 5 specialised vehicles fully equipted, all insurances required, all staff training and development programmes so they can continue to grow within the industry and exploit their further opportunities, a small office base in another location which will act as our second Depo which some of our staff will work from and in.


It will also help the business by encouraging development and growth and prospering the opportuinity of future jobs by  earning more contracts on such a similair basis. I have promised that upon this funding i will secure a minimum of 15 jobs by 2018 and a further 10 jobs by 2020 with the hope of the businesses demand requiring more employement opportunities upon the success it is continously experiecing recently.