Django's Vegan Cheese Project

by Aidan Gant in Newport, England, United Kingdom

Django's Vegan Cheese Project


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We are aiming to produce a small range of artisan vegan cheeses, cultured and air dried, and fit for any cheese board!

by Aidan Gant in Newport, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If we were to achieve our initial goal any additional funds would go to pay for extra marketing and advertising campaigns.

We've been working on our cheeses for several years now in fits and starts and, with the global pandemic situation as it is and our jazz and tapas bar still closed, now feels like the right time to diversify and bring them to market. We have been running Django's for just over a year and it has always been a part of the plan to introduce a range of cheeses from our kitchen.

The Isle of Wight is incredibly fortunate to have a great selection of really top quality Isle of Wight products that celebrate local ingredients and ideas but are also great (often award winning) produce in their own right. We'd love our artisan vegan cheeses to sit with the best of these, and are hoping to capture the flavours and feelings of the island with our small range.

Our cheeses are made from a cultured cashew base (using our own vegan lacto-bacillus cultures in much the same way as dairy cheese production) and are subsequently cured and air dried to achieve a mature and satisfying "proper" cheese, fit for any cheese board. A world away from the popular misconception that vegan cheese has to be rubbery and insipid. 

We are currently seeking a small amount of investment to help finance this project and bring it to life! Set out below is where the £4 thousand will hopefully end up!

Marketing campaigns - £1.5k

Equipment - £1.5k

Initial stock and packaging - £500

Assorted overheads - £500

Many thanks for taking the time to read this far, and thank you even more if you intend to donate some money!

Let's make 'Django's Vegan Cheese Project' happen

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