Dixey Cosmetics. Your stack-able, multi-use makeup

by Annabel Dixey in Smeeth, England, United Kingdom

Dixey Cosmetics. Your stack-able, multi-use makeup
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I need help taking the brand to the next level and with Christmas just around the corner, I'd like to offer packages and gift boxing options

by Annabel Dixey in Smeeth, England, United Kingdom


I had an early interest in Beauty & Cosmetics and a natural aptitude for make-up application so decided to work with cosmetics to both learn about the industry and provide an excellent platform for my skills.  Although this was a perfect environment for me, I was very young and working in a small retail store came with it's own pitfalls.  When the shop closed, I lost my job!  My first redundancy and all before 18!

I decided to leave the world of retail and stride out into the workplace to pursue a job in Media and I forged a path through many jobs in pursuit of happiness. However, I grew fed up with the corporate hierarchy and office politics and frankly was just bored with working in well paid jobs that only offered a mundane workload.

In the end, I started a new job with one of the big names in media but my new manager was away for my first week and being unable to start in earnest, I found myself bored again and started sketching out ideas for the perfect make-up products…


I was travelling daily on public transport into London which sparked the chrysalis of an idea.  I pensively watched a young, professional woman applying her make-up en-route to work, with all the inherent difficulties of large palettes and an overstuffed cosmetics bag.

I knew that feeling well.  I had various eye shadow palettes with well worn colours and some untouched, different eyeliner, brow pencils. 

When going on holiday or travelling, I would 'panic pack' ALL of my palettes and products to make sure I had all options covered. However would only use a tiny percentage of everything I had brought with me. My 'staples', my favourites. 

What I really wanted was to just wanted to snap my favourite colours out and go, but alas, not possible.  What if you could have a brand where you just bought the colours you loved and could use them in many different way than 1. 

As a brow product?

As an eye liner?

As an eyeshadow?

Now that, I would love...


I set about scouring the internet for packaging manufacturers and suppliers to discuss my specific design for clip together, swing out shadow compacts with a chic finish that anyone would be proud to own. 

  • The city professional
  • The jet-setters
  • The make-up artists
  • The make-up enthusiasts
  • Anyone!

I soon realised that this would not be a 'one size fits all' idea, so would need to evolve according to the audience!  I decided that I would bring new products out in Phases, the first being entitled 'Working Girl' essentially designed to meet the requirements of those busy bees needing to arrive polished and chic.


This is not a stagnant brand, and will continue to change and evolve, moving through all phases of life, complete with it's fantastical challenges.  My ears and eyes are open to feedback and requests so this brand can continue to grow and satisfy.  If you have a product 'wish list' let me know!

Contact me: [email protected]


Welcome to Dixey Cosmetics and to our first Phase of 'Working Girl'. 

Follow our progress, join us on our journey and enjoy the ride!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£35 or more

£35 Reward

Stack of 5. Colours of your choice

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£20 Reward

A Stack of 3. Your choice of colours

£50 or more

£50 Reward

Stack of 7. Colours of your choice

£165 or more

£165 Reward

The Whole Collection of 25 shades

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