Divorcees and Widows Anonymous

by Leticia Rodrigues in London, England, United Kingdom

Divorcees and Widows Anonymous


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To support Women and their children that have endured the death of their spouse or have gone through a divorce.

by Leticia Rodrigues in London, England, United Kingdom

These are unprecedented times but together, we are stronger and with your support, we can support those in difficulties. 

Our organisation registered to be a nonprofit organisation with the aim to launch in 2021. However, due to this pandemic, we had to step in and provide some vital support to ensure our beneficiaries were not feeling isolated.

Divorcees and Widows anonymous provide monthly therapy meetings, online Zoom meet-ups, face-to-face social  meet ups and one-to-one support.

These women have had a major upheaval in their lives. One minute they are planning their future as a family the next they are having to pick up the pieces of what is left behind and walk forward with their children in their arms and try to keep surviving despite their own mental state.

Our organisation acknowledges the struggles of becoming a widow or a divorcee, we know how isolating it can get, how it can mentally affect you to the point of insanity, suicidal, panic attacks, becoming numb and for some, it gets so bad they lose their children because they can't cope.

This is why we step in and help them get their feet back on the ground, we help them heal, then help them organise and sort their finances, shelter, legalities, funeral support for widows, Co-parenting mediation for divorcees and help them get back into education or employment. We also support them to become the best parent they can be, despite their circumstances helping supporting them in bringing up stable children. 

In order to fully be able to support our beneficiaries (women and their children), we need to be able to set up all the necessary resources in order to provide the correct type of support.

This is where you come in!

We need your support to help us raise the funds to:

*Create our website so that we can allow women to know what services we offer, provide online legal and financial advice and to be able to register for our services.

*Recruit qualified Counsellors and Practitioners to provide group and one to one therapy sessions face to face and online.

*Recruit 3 staff members to coordinate and manage our one-to-one mentoring support, face-to-face meetings, our virtual program and workshops.

*Recruit volunteers to provide mentoring and emotional/social support. Attending appointments, job interviews, divorce proceeding meetings, court hearings, mediation for Co-parenting, and much more.

*To be able to provide financial support to those who have lost their job, have been left in temporary accommodation due to a divorce, or becoming widowed. Support towards food and other necessities

*To provide activities for the women to switch off and de-stress. Activities for all the family that supports their well-being and development.

We have absolutely no funds and have been doing it all on our own but we now need you to help us get this much-needed project off the ground so that we can start doing the work that will benefit many women and children. 

Help us launch our community non-profit organisation so that we can help those in need. 

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