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The Divine Path - Reiki healing and courses, Tarot readings and Spiritual Counselling. Help us spread Divine Light!

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Thank you for taking the time to view our Crowdfunder page!

The Divine Path is a business that incorporates Reiki treatments, tarot readings and spiritual counselling. It is the first business that we are running together, and we are doing Crowdfunding to cover some of the start-up costs for items such as business cards, banners and posters. A full breakdown of items and costs will be given further down so you can see how the money will be spent! 

The rewards for anyone who contributes are great! They range from one-off tarot readings to distance Reiki sessions, monthly readings, spiritual counselling sessions, goddess prints and paintings and statues. And best of all, there is a reward for each funding bracket! We appreciate every donation and we want to make sure we show just how much. 

About the Divine Path

The Divine Path is about empowering, helping and healing people in order for them to reach their own Divine Path in life. We want to help people around us so that their own divine spark shines as bright as it can. 

You can read more about our business and what services we offer on our website, but here is a small recap:

Reiki treatments and classes

If you feel you need some healing Reiki treatments (sometimes referred to as 'warm hands' healing) is an awesome way. With us you can come and have half an hour or an hour treatments.

We also hold classes if you want to learn how to do Reiki yourself! 

Tarot readings

When you need some guidance in your life, tarot is a great tool. We do readings tailored to your question, whether large or small!

Spiritual Counselling

Amanda loved the idea of life coaching, but felt like it was a little bit too flat. She wanted something that also takes into account how a person can grow spiritually, and that's how she came up with the technique of spiritual counselling. 

Spiritual counselling helps you get where you want to be, and is carried out with a mix of life coaching techniques as well as Amanda's unique mediumship skills which she can use to tune in to what the spirit guides advice. 


We are planning to rent a therapy room at the Exeter Natural Health Centre, which is a wonderful venue with a peaceful atmosphere. We will also sometimes be out on the road when we are going to markets to give treatments there. 

Why do we want to do this?

Having our own business is about helping other people, and be able to do what we love 100% of the time. It's not about getting rich, but about forging our own path in life. Our own Divine Path. 

And why are we crowdfunding? 

There are a lot of small costs in starting up a business, and crowdfunding for them is a great way to relieve some of that financial pressure. That way we can spend more time building up the business. We also see the crowdfunding as a way to be able to get our products out there to people - and to connect with the people who are interested in what we do

Here is a breakdown of what the money will be used for:

6 months' rent at the Exeter Natural Health Centre:£375

Insurance with the U.K. Reiki Federation:£92

Membership with the U.K. Reiki Federation:£110

Business cards:£120

1000 flyers:£59

10 posters to display around Exeter:£20

Printing Costs for 10 x Spiritual Counselling Starter Booklets (welcome kits):£108

Banner for markets:£50

Tripod for markets:£36

Cushions for therapy table:£10

Throw for therapy table:£20

Snuggly rug for floor by therapy table:£28

PayPal Card Reader:£80

Foldable market table:£20

Overhead for yet unknown costs (such as stationary, postage, market stall fees, additional market equipment we have not yet foreseen and so on):£252

Crowdfunder fees:




We appreciate every pledge! And to show that we have made sure to have great rewards for each pledge category.

Before we go into that furhter, the goddess paintings, prints and stoneware statues are all handmade by Amanda, and will be specifically made for this occasion. In other words, these specific art pieces can't be found in her Etsy shop. Here are some examples of Amanda's art:



Watercolour Goddess Painting

Goddess Statue


Goddess Statue



The watercolour paintings and the statues have a 'production time' in the sense that they are all handmade. Especially when it comes to the statues they take approximately 2-3 weeks to produce. But they are worth waiting for!

The Goddess Prunts will be prints made from the watercolour paintings crafted for this special occasion and you will be able to choose which print you would like. 

Anyway, on to the rewards!


Pledge £10 and you can choose between:

  • 3 card email Tarot Reading
  • Distance Reiki Healing
  • 1 x Goddess Print

Pledge £20 and you can choose between:

  • 3 card Email Tarot Reading PLUS Distance Reiki Healing
  • 1 in-depth Tarot Email Reading

Pledge £50 and you can choose between:

  • Distance Reiki OR in-depth email Tarot Reading PLUS 1 x Goddess Statue
  • Distance Reiki OR in-depth email Tarot Reading PLUS 1 x Goddess Water Colour Painting

Pledge £100 and you can choose between:

  • Distance Reiki on 3 separate occasions PLUS 1 x Goddess Statue
  • 6 monthly in-depth email Tarot Readings

Pledge £200 and receive the ultimate package of goodies:

  • A4 watercolour Goddess Painting PLUS Goddess Statue PLUS Distance Reiki Healing PLUS an in-depth email Tarot Reading

We are so grateful for each and every pledge and we want to make it worth your while =)


Who We Are



We are Amanda and Sarah, two women in a partnership in business as well as in life (we're getting married in August!). Our dream is to work with something we are passionate about, something that makes our hearts beat faster, and something that can help other people.

The idea took form the summer 2015 and we realised that we have a massive skill set between us - so why not use it?


Amanda is a very fiery and creative person. When it comes to going for your dreams she throws herself into it mind, body and soul. Her motto is that life is for living along with how hard can it be, and she frequently explores things she knew nothing about previously - especially creative projects. 

She has been interested in and practiced healing for over 10 years, and is also a practicing Wiccan priestess. She also uses Runes and Shamanic ritual practices in her magic-making. Empowering people and helping them grow is one of the most important things in her life, so becoming attuned to Reiki was the next natural step. Helping people through spiritual counselling was another thing that simply felt right, and she hasn't looked back since. 

When she isn't working she is creating (though, they are almost one and the same...) whether it be in the living room knitting, painting or beading, or in the pottery studio making statues and sculptures. She also cuddles her little dog Zigge a lot, even if he thinks he is too macho for it. 


Developing her connection to God, Source, the Divine, has always been the centre of Sarah’s life. Even as a child she felt strongly drawn to spirituality and was encouraged by her mother, a Tarot reader and intuitive, to explore this part of herself.

Sarah has walked many paths along her journey, studying with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, Tarot (her first love!) Kabbalah, Astrology, Wicca and Reiki. Reiki has helped Sarah become a better healer, and using her gift of seeing with the Tarot cards, she can pin point areas that need healing and channelling Reiki to heal.

Sarah has an unshakable love of the Gods and Spirit which guides her to her Higher Self and the soul work she must do in this lifetime.


Please get in touch if you have any questions - we can't wait to hear from you and to get started! 

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