North East Wales Diversity Festival

North East Wales Diversity Festival

The North East Wales Diversity Festival was founded in 2016 by RainbowBiz Limited in order to promote equality, diversity and inclusion...

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The North East Wales Diversity Festival was founded in 2016 by RainbowBiz Limited in order to promote equality, diversity and inclusion in the North of Wales and beyond. The festival in 2017 will take place at a larger venue, Mold Rugby Club in Mold, Flintshire, North Wales on the weekend of May 26th, 27th and 28th.  In response to feedback and reviews from Diversity 2016 the festival team has included a Flintshire Pride event into the weekend of diversity. There will also be camping available to enable visitors and performers the opportunity to stay at a reasonable cost at the event throughout the weekend.  The response to the weekend has been very positive.  The festival aims to reach all communities and individuals of all ethnicity, beliefs, gender, sexuality, abilities and financial backgrounds. Welsh language will be used whenever possible in publicity, signs and social media.

The festival is run by volunteers of all abilities and backgrounds, the large festival team benefit from this project by working as part of a diverse team, meeting people they may have never have met while learning a variety of skills. Communities from all backgrounds will benefit from this project as the festival will give all organisations and groups a platform to share their own information to visitors. There is a campaign promoting awareness of hate crime running throughout the weekend, supporting an anti bullying message.  This campaign will benefit everyone attending the festival where information and literature will be shared to describe what a hate crime is, how and who to report to. North East Wales will benefit from hosting such a diverse festival, promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in every form. Performers and artists will benefit from attending the festival which will give performers from all backgrounds opportunities to perform at a large scale event. Having a festival celebrating equality and celebrating difference in North East Wales will give everyone living in the area confidence that the area they live in is in support of equal opportunities to everyone. It is also a clear message to the whole community that it is not appropriate to act in a way that causes harm to any individual based on difference.

The visible parade around the town will promote equality and encourage members of the community, visitors, businesses, sponsors and supporters to join together and be united in their support for diversity, equality and inclusion.

The overheads for the weekend are in access of £30,000 so together with your generosity and sponsorship we can make this project happen.  

Thank you so much.