Changemaker and Crowdfunder

How Santander distributed £200,000 to great ideas across the UK

Santander is working with Crowdfunder to support social innovation, committing £200,000 of extra funding to great ideas in the UK.

Changemaker is the bank’s funding pot to help social enterprises, small charities and community groups to deliver projects that create innovative solutions to improve communities.

It's providing additional funding for people who have turned to crowdfunding to make their ideas happen.

Thousands have applied, and soon the money will be put to good use in communities across the UK.

All of our projects are supported and promoted by millions of people at any one time, so it’s a wonderful story for our partners to be involved with.

As a social enterprise we live and die by the work that we do. The more work we get, the more opportunities we can offer the local community and the more jobs we can offer to those who need them.

Marie, founder of the Goldfinger Factory project that received £10,000 of extra funding from Changemaker
Social enterprises

Bristol's Severn Project continues to grow after a £10,000 boost from Santander Changemaker.

How The Severn Project got a boost from Santander

The Severn Project is an award-winning urban farm in Bristol, providing the South West with 200 tons of salad and herbs since 2010. 

They also support people from challenging backgrounds by providing education, training and employment.

They set out on Crowdfunder to raise £10,000 to continue that work and hit their target thanks to a ’Crowd’ of almost 100 backers.

The project to open a new site was given a further boost when Santander added £10,000 of Changemaker funding to the total, meaning they raised over £20,000 in total to get the work started.

Other projects supported by Santander

Worthing honey collective image

Worthing Honey Collective West Sussex

We are setting up a community supported beehive project in Worthing training up volunteer beekeepers and running pollination master classes.

Successfully funded

  • 35 supporters
  • £8.1k raised
  • 28 days
Women's physic garden image

Women's Physic Garden Lancashire

Help idle women buy land to develop the UK's first women's physic garden, built by, dedicated to and in trust for women and girls.

Successfully overfunded

  • 310 supporters
  • £26.5k raised
  • 49 days
Organic blooms -  help us grow image

Organic Blooms - help us grow Gloucestershire

We grow gorgeous flowers and wonderful people! Help us to grow so that we can create more life changing jobs at our supported workplace.

Successfully overfunded

  • 268 supporters
  • £33k raised
  • 33 days
Hope foodclub image

Hope Foodclub Northamptonshire

A food club and horticulture project supplying healthy veg and subsidised food to people on low incomes in Northampton UK

Successfully overfunded

  • 68 supporters
  • £20.1k raised
  • 53 days
Building the literacy library image

Building The Literacy Library Greater London

We're going to build a literacy centre for 23,000 children's books and create a space for amazingly engaging and creative teaching.

Successfully overfunded

  • 232 supporters
  • £63.7k raised
  • 56 days
Dig for disabilities image

Dig for Disabilities West Midlands

To enable 250 people with mental health diagnosis & physical disabilities to continue their community gardening projects in Birmingham

Successfully overfunded

  • 28 supporters
  • £9.3k raised
  • 56 days
The good loaf image

The Good Loaf Northamptonshire

We want to be more than a great bakery, serving great coffee! We have supported over 300 ladies so far and want keep doing it - please help

Successfully overfunded

  • 220 supporters
  • £16k raised
  • 42 days
Fund a home for trainee chefs image

Fund a Home for Trainee Chefs Greater London

Help us create a home to support London’s young and unemployed to become the next generation of street food chefs and entrepreneurs

Successfully overfunded

  • 80 supporters
  • £30.1k raised
  • 64 days
Bloom bakery and catering image

Bloom Bakery and Catering Greater London

We're raising funds to expand our bakery & catering social enterprise, creating opportunities for long-term unemployed people in Lewisham.

Successfully overfunded

  • 127 supporters
  • £16.1k raised
  • 37 days
Smart greens uk image

Smart Greens UK Oxfordshire

To introduce Aquaponics to our social enterprise that grows fresh produce with, and for the benefit of, some fantastic people in Oxfordshire

Successfully overfunded

  • 55 supporters
  • £21.3k raised
  • 35 days

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