Diss to Jerusalem + back in my Big White Berlingo

by David in Diss, England, United Kingdom

Diss to Jerusalem + back in my Big White Berlingo
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Driving to Jerusalem and back in aid of the Become charity, which helps children coming out of care to transition to a normal life.

by David in Diss, England, United Kingdom

Im crowd funding to cover part of the costs of me undertaking a charity drive to Jerusalem in September. I’m fundraising on behalf of ‘Become’, a national organisation which helps young people with the transition from care to independent living in the community. Local newspapers are publicising the event and have offered to  publish 'posts' from the road in the newspaper

I have linked up with Become on the JustGiving denotation service, and all charitable donations will go through that channel. Become are assisting me with fund raising ideas. The charitable donations for Become will only go through the Justgiving site/

This Crowdfunding page is to take contributions from individuals and organisations who wish contribute to the cost of me undertaking  the trip eg.  diesel, food and occasional camping to get cleaned up and do o my washing . The total cost of the three month journey is £5,000. I am contributing £2,000 and seeking to raise the balance of £3,000 by Crowdfunding. My son in law is an accountant and will assist me in producing records of how the money is utilised

I’ve included below an overview of the project and the arrangements I can offer business sponsors.

Best regards,

Dave Kitchen


Project: Diss (Norfolk-UK)  to Jerusalem and back in my Big White Berlingo Car.

Fundraiser event plus blogging and Interest

On the 16th September 2018 I will be setting off in my Berlingo car on a long drive to Jerusalem.

I’ve booked one night in a hotel and a ferry ticket to Cherbourg and that’s it. The rest of the journey will be organised as I go along. My aim is to be in Jerusalem by the end of November and back home in the UK for Christmas (I’ve promised my family). That’s roughly 10,000 plus kilometres in just over three months. I’ve avoided a detailed plan in preference for spontaneity but the headlines are I will be travelling out through France, Italy, Greece and Turkey, and returning via the Balkans, then central and Western Europe. Unfortunately I will be forced to fly to Israel from Turkey as the land route either through Libya or Syria is too dangerous at the moment.

I will be generally sleeping in the back of the car, with seats removed and. I use my mum’s old 1970 sofa cushion for a bed, and it serves the purpose well. Other than a map, a washing up bowl, a kettle, basic car repair kit and half a dozen changes of clothing that’s it. I’m doing everything on the ultra-cheap.

Why- Firstly it’s for myself. I don’t feel right unless I take on a few big trips a year especially now that I’m retired. But it’s also to raise money for my favourite charity - Become* (http://www.becomecharity.org.uk/), which is the leading charity helping young people coming out of the care system and starting adult life. In my career as a psychiatric nurse I encountered many people for whom this transition had gone badly wrong. This is common

What equips me for this? - I am a sixty year old overweight, rheumatic retired psychiatric nurse with a lifelong love of independent travel using local transport, hitch hiking or driving ordinary vehicles. This has taken me on 10,000 miles worth of trips by motorhome around the USA. More recently I have travelled by long distance bus and ferry boat around Argentina (including Northern Patagonia) and the nearest parts of Uruguay. I spent a month travelling around India by train using second class that is the coaches used by poorer Indians. Despite a general lack of fitness I’ve walked the first hundred miles of the via Egnatia, a rough country track which follows a Roman road across Albania Each spring for the last five years I have walked 100-200 miles on the ancient pilgrimage route, the Camino Sangtiago de Compestela that runs from France to Galicia in north western Spain. During the 1980’s and early 1990’s lived In South Africa and travelled extensively in neighbouring countries (Lesotho, Swaziland, Zambia, Botswana, South and Zimbabwe). I mention these to show that I am accustomed to managing independent travel in a variety of environment’s.

I enjoy doing this kind of thing, and have been doing it since I was a teenager. I do my best to be around local people, talk to strangers and find out how they live. I stay well clear of any tourist hubs and instead hop between smaller towns and immerse myself for a few days in local life. I’m the resilient type and tend to find a way of getting through obstacles.

What do I want? I am approaching potential sponsors for ‘seed’ or start-up money to finance the trip. I am putting £2000 my own money into the project but am looking for another £3,000 from donors. The total of £5000 will cover my living costs, fuel and car maintenance, and costs for ferries, and the unavoidable flight from Turkey to Israel.

In return I will be offering

1- Sponsors logo on my car

2- Mention of sponsorship in social media posts (Twitter, Facebook and Wordpress Blog)

3- In the case of newspaper sponsors I will offer the option of updates on the project for publication in the paper, or as a single extended article

4- Raising money for my nominated organisation, the Become Charity* using the ‘Just Giving’ donation service. (I am aiming to raise an amount, at least equivalent to the cost of the trip i.e. £5,000). This project will be arranged jointly with the Become organisation and I will be advised and assisted by them regarding promoting the event and maximising sponsorship as well as governance issues

If you find this project interesting I would like to meet or have a phone conversation with a representative of your organisation to talk over any questions and proposals you might have. Please donate via this Crowdfunding platform. 

My contact details are-

Mobile- 07908278518


Best regards,

David Kitchen

*Become-registered charity (No. 1010518).


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

Donors logo or message on my vehicle

Donors will have the opportunity to place their logo or message on the side of my Citroen Berlingo Multispace car

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