The Open Road Project

The Open Road Project

Displace Yourself Theatre will work with vulnerable children building their confidence through drama, singing and movement.

We did it!

On 23rd Sep 2014 we successfully raised £600 of £600 target with 12 supporters in 28 days

Photograph by Lizzie Coombes 

During 5 weeks in South East Asia Displace Yourself Theatre will work with vulnerable children who have fled war and forced labour, building their confidence through drama, singing and movement. Working with local NGOs we will devise a show to be performed for their community at an end of year Christmas celebration.

Through our exciting new Open Road Project we will engage with refugees and displaced individuals who come from broken families and find themselves "stateless". Despite their traumatic pasts, these bright young children will be given the opportunity to express themselves in a new and exciting way along with learning valuable skills for the future.

We have funded the majority of the project ourselves, including our flights, travel and living expenses. Your support will maximise our time there and we will be able to:

  • Teach music using instruments
  • Use modern equipment such as a PA system
  • Provide materials to encourage learning- Scripts, balls, prop and costume making, face paints
  • Hold a professional end of project event, a platform for the children to present their work in a safe and supportive environment

About Us

We are Displace Yourself Theatre, a young devising company that use the power of movement to shine light on the shadows of society. We believe that by working to create vigorous and challenging productions, we can provide a catalyst for change. We reach out to margins of society and offer a voice to communities that are often underrepresented, striving to raise awareness and ask questions. We also run drama and movement workshops for people of all backgrounds, sharing skills and exploring new ways to express ourselves and have our voices heard. Our creative workshops use theatre and movement exercises to boost confidence and creativity, along with teaching participants communication skills in a fun and supportive environment. 

During our most recent community project, Path to Eden we worked with those who have experienced social exclusion and /or homelessness and it has been a huge success. With your help, this ambitious new venture will reach vulnerable children, boosting their confidence and helping them to reach their full potential.



“Mike and Jen were really generous in their whole approach, providing everyone with the physical and mental space with which to best express themselves." 

“It has been so rewarding to witness such remarkable and vibrant debut from an exciting new company which challenges and engages in equal measure. Recommended!"

"It really was an extremely inspiring and thoroughly enjoyable day!!! Such a lot of thought was put into it and I know we all got such a lot out of it! Very thought provoking, I felt like I'd made my first baby steps in to a new way of thinking and consequently a new career path, so thanks guys!"

“A company that combines precise physicality, an engaging and highly accessible performance style and a developed political consciousness." 

"Everyone really enjoyed the workshop, and more importantly have learnt something from your work."


Other Ways You Can Help...

Firstly, if you cannot support our appeal yourself, do the next best thing, please tell everyone that you know about The Open Road Project and encourage them to support us too!


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