Discreet Designer Clothing

Discreet Designer Clothing

A project that will give us and others the chance for a better future. We are aiming to raise the money to produce and launch our idea.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Our project aims to give us the start that we could only wish for.
Discreet Designer Clothing was started to give us an opportunity to be succesful and free. From an area where the only people that we witness to have done this have done so through illegal methods, we are determined to stay on the right path and become a success for ourselves and our families, present and future. It is for this reason at the moment that we wish to remain anonymous.

Success does not mean money. Our success is measured by giving the younger generations like those in our area, and further, something to aspire to. Something that with hard work they too can achieve.
A way to "live the dream" without the risk of jail time.

Our long term plans are to invest in the young people of tomorrow from disadvantaged backgrounds and give them funding through competitions to create their own future in a way that is not available to them today.

We want to show them that the easy option is not always the best and most rewarding option. The best and most rewarding option is one that may take time, but at the end of the day it will all be there tomorrow and your conscience is not effected.

At present, we have completed 5 clothing designs and registered as a company but are struggling for startup costs. Such as manufacturing, embroidery, shipping, advertisements etc...

Every donation large or small will be greatly appreciated and will be something we never forget. 
Karma exists, what goes around comes around. And remeber, this isnt just us that you are donating too. You are investing into the future of the next generation.

There is absolutely no doubt that we will be a success. But you can make it today.

It is a matter of when not if.

Discreet Designer Clothing.