Disabled Woman from USA Fighting for UK Visa

by Eleanor Ann in Rugby, England, United Kingdom

Disabled Woman from USA Fighting for UK Visa
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Emilie is raising money to apply for a residential UK visa on the grounds of human rights violation, as a disabled person living in the USA.

by Eleanor Ann in Rugby, England, United Kingdom

*Hi, this first section is written by Eleanor, Emilie's friend and advocate, and a library worker. Here I will outline the project, and below this you will find Emilie's statement, which has been edited for spelling but beyond that is entirely her own*

Emilie wants access to education. She wants to have ownership over her own money, her own home, her own dreams. She wants to live somewhere where she doesn't receive constant negative treatment. None of these needs are being met while she lives in the USA, subject to the US government and Section 8. 

For the past year she has been studying in the university where I work in England. In this time she has experienced more support and kindness than she has been used to, but because she did not pass her foundation year, she struggled to secure a place on another UK course. She did not pass because of a module in statistics, which is a part of her education which was neglected in her educational experience in the USA. 

From a young age she experienced educational segregation because of her disabilities, as well as being treated as a guinea pig by doctors and pharmaceutical companies. The treatment she has received in the past has been based on the medical and charity models of disability, which are flawed, insensitive and outdated approaches, compared to the social model of disability being pushed for by disability advocates today. 

With a reasonable amount of support she can achieve her dreams. She is an advocate for the desegregation of SEN schools and 'regular' schools. She would like to teach students with autism, but she needs a university degree for this to be possible. She wants to study history, and has an impressive knowledge base in this area because she has worked hard to educate herself. She also has a knack for languages and is skilled in German. 

Imagine what she could achieve if she were given reasonable support and freedom to live in the same way as a non-disabled person can. She believes that living in the UK, without the constant threat of deportation, and continuing to study here, is the best way for her to achieve this. 

She has spoken to Immigration lawyers in the UK and they have confirmed that she has the right to apply for a residential UK visa on the basis of human rights violations from living in the USA. We are crowdfunding for the legal fees to make this happen.

***Emilie's statement***


It is my dream to become a British citizen and denounce the American citizenship because of the oppression and persecution I face here in America where I cannot be my own person and I am limited in everything in my life.  I hope to attain this freedom in my ancestor country which is England, and as far as I am concerned the English could claim me before the Americans because of my blood also it is now a known fact in America you cannot call yourself a full American anymore. This is because of the fact that Native-American have complained to congress that anyone not a native American should not call themselves American but rather from the country which they have blood the most outside American then American.  In this case I have to call myself British American. 

It can also be said that I have always had a dream to come back and live in England for a long 20 years when I was diagnosed with Aspergers and wanted to come and get a British education. I finally did but because of my poor grade that was close to passing my dream has been really threatened and so too will my education for I cannot continue with education here in America for they are trying to stop or limit disabled to only work skills and not letting them gain an education and I do not get the educational help i need to succeed here due to the lack of funding. 

This is the Americans excuse to discourage disabled to not continue on with higher education because the American government does not see any purpose for them other than factory or manual labour jobs where they do not get enough money to live on so they have to depend on the bullying American government. The disabled people cannot claim their own money and they are forced to pay absurd rents that the government and their organisation set for them to pay even if it is cheating the disabled person. 

They do not care about them medically, which is so neglected to the disabled where they cannot even go to a doctor they have to diagnose themselves and medicate themselves at that as well.  They are neglected about education, jobs and an ordinary life.  They do not care if we sit and rot in those flats that they say they help pay for but do not. 

I want to get freedom for getting my dream to become a teacher for Aspergers children at Aspergers school in the Uk. It is well wanted by me to have freedom of what i do in my life, where i live for that is taken away in America as well.  To have my own money and what I will do with it when I get paid. I crave to have my own house, land and my own life that has no oppression or persecution where I do not need to keep looking over my shoulders to see if someone is judging me all the time.  

It could be nice to stay in a country where I feel safe, for i do not feel safe in America and the way society is to me here where even if I order something people just grab your debit card and start doing things for that person without asking or even if they ask they are asking too late and are not polite about their asking. I want freedom from the charity model and the medical model where they either abuse you with pills to silence you or they think you are a charity case and the poor disabled person "let me help in the only was I know and not let them to do a thing in this country." 

I want to belong to society not be pushed out to the outer edge. I want to choose my own friends where here they say whoever they put me to work with is a friend even if i do not talk to them just because they are also disabled in their eyes.  On the contrary I do not see myself as a disabled person, rather this seems a large problem and a hindrance to my life and I’d rather be known as differently abled person like the British mostly see me as in a human sense. I want to live where there is the social model blaming society about the problem they cause for disabled people. 

This to me is freedom, I want to live where it does not feel like there is a war against you all the time for there has been a war against the disabled in America for a long while now. It is not war of bombs, this is a result of war of pharmaceuticals and pills like being bombs thrown down people’s throats ruining people’s lives like the Americans did with Nagasaki in Japan at the end of world war 2. It is a war where we do not have any footing or any way of fighting back for that is taken away from us the freedom of speech and I do not have it while I am back here in America I only regained my freedom while I was in England. 

Freedom to speak out against oppression and persecution, this means that people like me in America have been denied the first Amendment rights and is this fair i do not think it is a great achievement for America.  It can been also told that America has recently taken itself from the human rights courts for they know what they do is wrong, however, I am sure people are interested in this and are realising that this has been happening for years behind closed doors and behind rocks so the regular American citizen does not even know in fact even when Obama was president or any democrat even Bill Clinton it is well known that the democrats are the most great at hiding bad issues in this country.  

I had to fly back to America because my visa was up, but I will come back to the uk in September i do not know what will be next I am trying to stay in the UK Where I feel safe and love and accepted. Hence i appeal to people please can you help me to gain my dreams and desires for freedom in my ancestor land, so I do not have to feel as a victim or a subhuman anymore for I want to be a normal human even though in America I am not seen as that or accepted I am only tolerated as a problem and pushed out of society. this I plea to the British people or whoever sees this page, it is a want of as well as a gamble and try for a run to freedom. Was not the British nation the first to abolish slavery, it would seem that this fact to be true and America really still has not lost the will to have some form of slavery rather it is in public eye or hidden. 

Please help me in my endeavour to gain this human rights visa so I can stay in the UK and take my time at education, for the timing on the international student visas do not give me enough time and I need time because I was so denied and will not be getting my education done in America for the foreseeable future even after Trump leaves for this problem has been happening for the disabled for the past 14 years and earlier to tell people the truth... 

Please help me gain my freedom of my life and to retain my education dreams and desires for my future. It would seem to me that British people should look after their family whether in Britain or abroad even if it was their ancestors that are from Britain my blood still proves by 75% I am British by three great grandparent’s sides although not their generation. I also it is hard to believe but my family is from the nobility in England they kept the nobility tradition of marrying cousins distant cousins and particularly British decent settlers in America to keep british culture in the family but that is what my ancestors did and so by doing this made it possible on both sides to have 75% British blood in me and while I have been in Britain I have been looked upon as a fellow Brit whose family went astray. I would like this comradery back and being accepted and hope to obtain this visa so i can stay in England  and eventually also gain British citizenship for I am only loyal to Britain and particularly England herself for she is my ancestral motherland and I am trying come back to her for refuge and help from a persecuted and oppressed life.

Thank you,



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