Disabled Toilet and Baby & Disabled Changing Room

Disabled Toilet and Baby & Disabled Changing Room

Help us create a disable toilet and changing space for children at our community centre building in Gosport.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Freedom Gosport is a community based organisation whos aim is to fulfill the ranging needs of our local community through the provision of services, often provided free of charge. 

The closure of community centres, libraries and child & parent support centres such as SureStart, has left a void in essential services for our community members and Freedom Gosport is committed to filling these voids wherever possible.

Operating out of the Brockhurst Baptist Church building in Elson, one such example is Stay and Play which provides parents and children who meet on Monday mornings with an opportunity to play safely and mums and dads can support each other and socialise. As a naval town parents in Gosport can often find that they are handling the task of parenting alone while their partner is away and the support of this group is invaluable for them.

However, the building lacks suitable toilets and changing facilities for children or disabled visitors which are desperately needed as mums are forced to change their children on the floor and disdisabled visitor have not toilet options available. As an inclusive group we really want to be able to cater for people with any need and have children with disabilities who desperately need these facilities. We are funded solely by donations and are a not for profit organisation. Thank you for your time and donation.