Disabled Lass Gem Speht Needs a Wheelchair

Disabled Lass Gem Speht Needs a Wheelchair

Trying to raise funds for an Electric Wheelchair from Wheelchair88 on Amazon for my disability - any help greatly appreciated!

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I got a debilitating illness called Fibromyalgia a year ago and have been house bound ever since, because of my disability I am unable to walk more than 10 minutes without collapsing in pain and exhaustion.

The reason I need to raise funds for an electric wheelchair that is lightweight and portable is because I would like to be able to leave the house, go to a park with my dog, go to my Niece’s wedding next year and be able to go out of the house and see the world.

Unfortunately I do not have the strength to push my own wheelchair because of the pain in my muscles and severe arthritic symptoms Fibro gives me. I need a wheelchair that is light weight and compact so that it can be lifted by one person (my nurse) out of my flat and into cars etc.

The most suitable wheelchair for me that would save my life, my mental wellbeing being able to leave the house again, take my dog around the park and see the world around me is a Foldawheel PW-999UL Electric Wheelchair from Wheelchair88 which costs exactly £1,698.00 on Amazon.


Any help at all with this would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you,

Gemma xx

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