Editing and publishing funds for disabled author

by Phillipa Vincent-Connolly in Poole, England, United Kingdom

Editing and publishing funds for disabled author


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I am an author and historian who has been working on a trilogy of Anne Boleyn since 2013. I have tried traditional routes into publishing my...

by Phillipa Vincent-Connolly in Poole, England, United Kingdom

I am an author and historian who has been working on a trilogy of Anne Boleyn since 2013. I have tried traditional routes into publishing my fiction, but unless you have an agent, self-publishing is the only other route to getting published writing out there. I published Volume One myself on Amazon in April 2020, because I lost my job as a secondary school teacher during, and because of the Coronavirus. I was shielding due to the fact I have cerebral palsy and am classed as disabled and vulnerable. I used the opportunity to self publish my first book in this series during the lockdown, in order to continue to bring creativity and the arts to the fore during the pandemic. I have received numerous five-star reviews for Volume One of the trilogy across all Amazon platforms. I still have not been able to secure a teaching job since the easing of lockdown, and hope to use this unprecedented time to published Volume Two of my trilogy. I have been having excellent FIVE-STAR reviews from all versions of the first Volume, in paperback, kindle and audio, but due to Amazon's policy of paying 90 days after any sale, earning funds for me to be able to publish the next book in the series, without another job is a challenge. I know there are readers out there chomping at the bit for the next instalment of Beth's time-travelling adventures, but I cannot get the second volume edited and the cover produced and uploaded to Amazon without your help. I am looking to get the second part edited as soon as possible by my editor, and published. I have other non-fiction books coming out this year and next on Disability history, but as you may know, publishing and being paid for sales is a slow process. Ideally, I would like an agent and a publisher for my fiction work, which would mean my books would be readily available in many different outlets, but the competition to get off the slush pile of an agents desk is a challenging one to say the least, and a privilege of a lucky few new authors every year. I have tried to publish this trilogy down the traditional route, but so far being picked up by an agent has eluded me. Contributing to this crowd-funding not only helps me, but it will also pay for my self employed editor and for the designer who has created the covers for my books, who typesets them ready to upload them to Amazon. So effectively you would be supporting three creative businesses. All proceeds would be spent on editing and producing the book ready for sale. If you can help an enthusiastic author, with a group of waiting avid readers, I'd be grateful. I have been devastated about losing my teaching job, which took me five years to get and over 60 job applications due to disability discrimination and lack of teaching work in the education sector in my area. I also lost my Dad on the 23rd July this year, and he was proud of the goals I am setting myself in both gaining history qualifications and the research I'm embarking on in my non-fiction writing and to gain a PhD.

You can find details and reviews of my work here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1517222419



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