Disabled & Elderly Free Plumbing & Heating repairs

by Anderson W James in Burnley, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 6th February 2019 we successfully raised £335 with 13 supporters in 28 days

Give all the elderly and disabled people in the communities of the UK an emergency service they can rely on 24 hours a day.

by Anderson W James in Burnley, England, United Kingdom

Free plumbing and heating repairs

For all the Elderly People and Disabled People in the UK 

Based in Lancashire and spreading Nationally

We need to raise £10,000 to make this a reality.

Can you help us reach our goal and give a ray of light to all the elderly and disabled people in the

 United Kingdom



A little bit about us..... we are a group of 3, living in and around Burnley. We want to be able to help all the elderly and all the disabled in the UK.

Our aim is to make it easy for the elderly and disabled to access emergency repairs 24 hour a day, 7 days a week without the worry.

We want to make this affordable by keeping this project going strong and bigger within all our cities and towns in the country.

We will source funding and materials wherever possible whilst focusing equally on quality and affordability. 

But we can't do this without your help, the more money we raise the greater range of help we can have. We plan to up-cycle as much as possible from old boilers and appliances. But the Gas and Water parts and materials all need to be bought new.

This project can only work if we raise funding to support its growth, all the communities in the UK  would benefit from this service with helping so many elderly and disabled people fight the cold in the winter and cold months. In the summer we still carry on this service as a way of raising funds through Northern Plumbing and Heating Ltd.

The elderly and disabled are finding it even harder to cover the cost of living as well as the surprise repair costs that can in most cases put them in danger of serious health and well being issues.

The majority of elderly people and Disabled people are too proud or ashamed to ask for help, that is were we come in.

Giving them all contact cards with direct numbers will give them the opportunity to use this service without feeling that they are a burden or a nuisance.

This will reduce the amount of deaths in the country during the cold winter weather, Giving peace of mind for the families of the elderly and disabled.  

Thanks to the incredible support of the community over the last 2 years we have just managed to keep it going and keep the help available.

James Anderson the creator of Depher cic has spent a lot of family time as well as personnel finance to keep this project alive, we now need your support to keep this going and make it bigger and available in as many cities and towns as possible.

Please help us to ensure that this stays alive and becomes a national treasure, helping and saving the lives of millions of elderly and disabled people in our communities and country.

The people below in the pictures are real people with real issues that have been helped and saved from the potential disasters of suffering and even worst.

It would mean the world to so many people if this was fully funded and available nationally, we receive calls from all over the country, sadly without funding we can only deliver this in Lancashire at the moment.

In return, James would like to offer you the following:

- 10% discount on all gas safety and boiler services

- A chance to visit the people that have been helped ( 1498 to pick from )

- A big hug from the man himself

- A photo to put on the website showing your support

The initiative has been on BBC north west and in the Sun newspaper in the last 12 month, if you wish to see these please contact us and we can send you the link to see the amazing footage.

- Launched in March 2017

- Visited 1498 properties in Lancashire alone

- Saved the lives of 4 families

- Helped with suicidal issues of a customer

- Saved 3 children from an explosive appliance

- Promoted communities to look out for the elderly and disabled

This project could be available in your area very quickly if the funding is raised, the structure is already set up and ready to go.

The only thing that is stopping this now is the finances to make it live, would you like this for your family and neighbours ?.

If you do then please be kind and donate to this wonderful, life saving initiative today.

- last year 26,000 elderly people dies in winter

- 16.7 million elderly and disabled people live in the UK

- Benefits and funding being cut by the government is putting peoples lives at risk

- Age UK say this problem is getting bigger every year

All funds raised are used for delivering and promoting this service in all the Cities and Towns of the United Kingdom



In 2017, having witnessed a plumbing and heating company manipulate a customer when they called to the home of an elderly and disabled person, we decided to do something about it.

We established DEPHER - Disabled and elderly plumbing and heating emergency response as a registered Community Interest Company

(CIC registered number) 11335052 

to provide a FREE emergency response to help and assist elderly and disabled members of the community.

 We take away the worry of finding a Tradesman and the Full cost of repairing or replacing the faulty plumbing or gas appliance, water leaks and gas leaks.

As a CIC we raise funds to cover all of the costs so the elderly and disabled will not have to worry about 


We have 2 Phases that are

Winter - Summer

Our service operates during the coldest months (October to March) to provide you with peace of mind and ensure you can have that leak repaired or heating back on so they will not suffer in silence.

During the summer and spring the service provides the same cover with a discount of 75% on all work completed and emergencies repaired.

The funds raised in the summer is paid direct to the DEPHER CIC account and re used in the winter time to cover towards the cost of our free service.

This lovely Lady benefited with a massive reduction for a new

pump that we installed. With the cold weather set to arrive soon

it was important to get this done quickly.

She was shocked and so happy that we saved her from the cold.

Thermocouple on this ladies boiler had moved from its seating and needed a good clean.

She was a very happy woman when the hot water was working again.

With her husband being in hospital she needed this doing as soon as possible

for when he came home


Baxi Heating UK

Have Sponsored us and entered us

for the National and Regional Community awards 2019

This alone is a great honour and we are really  grateful

at being recognised by a world known company.

Thank you Baxi

Lovely couple that needed our help as a matter of urgency

We attended same day and left them with a smile.

Never expecting or knowing about this initiative before i arrived

gave them a pleasant surprise.

Lovely lady spent Christmas in the cold with no hot water or heating

She thought she would need a new boiler

Repaired within half and hour and now warm, safe in her home.

Lovely Couple

Both mum and dad are registered deaf

Had no heating last winter and we replaced the Gas valve for them

This year the toilet and drains were blocked, we attended

now the family can carry on in a safe environment.

Twice we have assisted the lady above this year

First was low pressure and air in system

Second time was a split diaphragm that we replaced

so she could have running hot water.

The funds that we raise will be used for materials such as


Control boards


Boiler parts

Boiler controls



Toilet parts




Much more

The funds raised will also be used for



Vehicle Tax




Advertising and Business cards


This lady suffers from ill health and needed our help urgently.

Pressure vessel and PRV needed replacing in the boiler as she had no

Hot water or heating.

She can carry on getting herself well again without the worry

of a broken boiler.

The above lady has been through a traumatic time

Do not let looks deceive you.

We were honoured to help her.

Lovely and funny couple from colne.
Water leak on the water heater and no spark at the ignition.
Thinking of getting a new boiler that they dont need.
New earth spring to ignition and o ring to valve.
Free under the depher initiative.
Welcome to the Depher family. 


I have worked on this project from 2017 and we have helped over 1450 people that really needed

the assistance and service.

I have been threatened and frowned at because others

believe that i am taking away their livelihood.

Threats to take tools and even my life.

I will not allow this to deter me from my goal, my goal for the community that we ALL are a part of.

Please if you can help in any way then please find it in your heart to do so

there are thousands that suffer every day because they cannot afford or are too scared to get the repairs done that they need so urgently.

Thank you

James Anderson


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£260 or more

Boiler Breakdown Cover for 3 years

Includes all labour and materials 24 hours a day No heating and no hot water including water leaks and gas leaks on the boiler only. Lancashire Only

£20 or more

Depher T shirt

Limited T shirt, very fashionable and warm

£80 or more

Heating System Filter and Chemicals

We will supply a filter and install this to your heating system, includes inhibitor.

£250 or more

3 Radiators up to 600 x 1200 sp+

3 radiators with new valves fitted to any rooms with same size radiators. Chemical flush and inhibitor included

£310 or more

Free boiler Installation

We will install any boiler that you supply with all controls, completely labour free between Monday and Friday. Inc gas safe registration Lancashire and Manchester

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