Disabled & Elderly FREE Plumbing & Heating Repairs

by Anderson W James in Burnley, Lancashire, England

Disabled & Elderly FREE Plumbing & Heating Repairs

Assistance instead of exclusion Supporting the disabled and elderly with emergency repairs requires direct communication and assistance.

by Anderson W James in Burnley, Lancashire, England


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We are not begging for funding or trying to make people feel sorry for the elderly and disabled in our cities or towns in the UK, we are telling a story.

One i hope you will understand and that can open your mind to the real problems that are faced in all our communities.


Northern Plumbing and Heating will fund this project as a continuing part of the care our communities need

without help from the Government or local councils.

Thank you for reading our story so far  

When the boiler stops working it can be a worry trying to find and contacting a gas engineer to repair it, as quick as possible!

When there is a water leak it can be a matter of minutes or seconds before some real damage can be done.

That`s were we can help in a short space of time.

  • The toilet stops filling or flushing
  • No heating
  • No hot water
  • Gas leak
  • Water leak
  • The shower stops working
  • The taps in the kitchen stop working
  • The taps in the bathroom stop working
  • The drains block and the waste pipes block up
  • Radiators start leaking or become loose
  • Pipework freezes in the cold
  • Condense pipework freezes outside

Depher will take away the worry of finding a Tradesman and the cost of repairing or replacing the faulty plumbing or gas appliance, water leaks and gas leaks.

Through this funding we cover all the costs so they will not have to worry any more than they have been.

  • The funding will be used for Materials
  • The funding will be used for fuel.
  • The funding will be used for Insurance
  • The funding will be used for Tools
  • The funding will be used to advertise this initiative to the public.
  • There is no charge at all for labour,so the funds will be available for all the above.

In the summer months the weather is not to cold and that means that the elderly and disabled will not be at risk as much as they are in winter, they get a great discount of 75% when its warm.

The 25% capped charges goes direct into the depher funds and used in the winter for our free service.

This gives us some time to raise funds and awareness so when the winter does arrive, we have a one step start over the snow and ice.

Depher is a registered CIC ( common interest community ) Project that was started 17 months ago, in that time we have helped and assisted over 1234 elderly and disabled families in Lancashire alone.Imagine what that number could be if it was in every city and every town in the United Kingdom.

The focus and dream is to have this available for as many if not all elderly and disabled people in the United Kingdom.

We do need help and we cannot do it alone, that is why we are asking you to do something wonderful today and help the people who we truly believe need support.

  • To help your Grandmother
  • To help your Grandad
  • To help you mother or father
  • To help your Aunty or Uncle
  • To help your disabled relative
  • To help your elderly or disabled neighbour

Can you offer more than just a donation - Would you like to be involved direct

  • You can fund raise
  • You can donate materials
  • You can offer support to the elderly and disabled by giving them our information
  • You can post leaflets
  • You can repair appliances ( if you are a tradesman )
  • You can visit us at any time or talk to residents about what this means to them

The list is endless on what you can do, wherever you are you can start a similar scheme under our name and using our suppliers to deliver a urgently needed emergency service to your family and community.

Please feel free to call me at any time if you would like to know more

Direct number 07708620678

Free unlimited emergency water and heating, Gas repairs for the elderly and disabled in the UK.

Depher was created to help the needy and vulnerable in the community

The first call we had was a gentleman that was bed bound and elderly in Burnley, Lancashire

He was nearly persuaded into giving £5500  to a company for work he did not need.

The work that was needed would have cost only £150 but with depher it was free.

The company that attended firstly set his system up so he would not be able to get heating or hot water.

The elderly and disabled customer was very lucky and we were glad he asked for a second opinion.

Many of you will know we're doing a little fundraising drive at the moment and we need every one of your to help get it going! We're only asking for £1, or whatever you can spare. We want to show the world that we're all coming together to take care of our community. Do you think we can get to 100 supporters by the end of the week? I think we can! Donate here:

When you donate you are helping a lot of elderly and disabled residents in your community, this will help to keep them safe and warm with the knowledge that people care, and the community cares.

When you go to a property and you see the worry and upset that the elderly and disabled have to bare makes you stand and thing about your humanity, the issues they have to face day by day and the battles they have gone through, and are yet to face puts them in a position of vulnerability. When we arrive at the property we become the friendly face and the person with answers to their problem, we don't judge and we don't ask questions.
Our aim is to repair and make safe with the intention of showing them that there is a helping hand when it is needed.


This initiative has been in place for around 12 months and we are seeking help to support the cost of running this within our community, we have applied for funding from Santander and other funding companies that we hope to hear back from soon.We are looking at expanding this with public awareness and making it available in as many cities as possible and as many communities.
Elderly and Disabled Residents who are going without heating or hot water because they cannot afford to pay for repairs to their Boilers or pipework are a priority and we will help them in any way we can.
We are looking for ways to get the message out to our communities.

We would welcome any input or ideas to get the message further and anyone who will be willing to organise a fun day or charity events.

Let's make 'Disabled & Elderly FREE Plumbing & Heating Repairs' happen

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