Disabled & Elderly FREE Plumbing & Heating Repairs

by Anderson W James in Burnley, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 18th October 2018 we successfully raised £330 with 8 supporters in 56 days

We aim to grow and deliver this life saving project and make it available in every city and town in the UK. To give the community a company

by Anderson W James in Burnley, England, United Kingdom

Depher cic UK

 started in March 2017.

The reason for this was the suffering and hardship that the elderly and disabled were facing daily when they were faced with no heating or no hot water, especially in the winter time when cold can kill or cause real hardship for most.

The cost can vary with different companies and also depends on the area that they live in, this was a major issue that was looked at, most cannot afford high costs of repairs and more than often go without heating so they can eat,or without food so they can stay warm in the cold.

In the UK there are 12.7 million Registered elderly and disabled people, most of them struggle with the day to day conflicts that they face.

We have created a service that every community in the UK can benefit from, this will be a service that they can benefit from all year.

In the summer there is a cap of 25% labour that the customer pays, this then goes into the CIC account and is used to fund the free service they receive in the winter.

This alone saves them an average of £51 per hour on any emergency or none emergency call.

In the winter they do not pay anything for labour or for materials.

This is not a government or council initiative, we rely on funding from events and Northern Plumbing and Heating limited as well as the 25% labour cap in the summer.

Once this is national, we are hoping for march 2019 then the use of this initiative will grow massively and we will then hopefully be able to run this without crowdfunding as the summer cap will raise enough funds for the winter.

This above property is owned by a social housing group that is also registered as a not for profit organisation.

We assisted as the customers health was at serious risk.

This elderly couple were sitting in their living room, it was like sitting in a fridge.

A cold snap can put many people in a position of dis-pare.

In some cases it can be life threatening. 

Another elderly lady, on her own with no one to help her

She had called many plumbers who did not attend to help her, we received the call and attended within half hour to get her boiler working again.

This lady supplied the Control board, another company wanted £567.00 to fit a board that would take no more than 5 minutes to do.

That is £267.00 labour charges for 5 minutes work ?????


Just received a phone call from a concerned Daughter of an elderly lady.
They live in Blackburn and have rang different companies to help with their boiler.
Each company wanted the ladies credit or debit details before they would send a plumber to her property.
The companies ( i know from experience ) charge the customer twice the plumbers rate per hour to the customers card plus vat.
This is happening all over the country, companies more from the south more than anywhere, are ringing local plumbers/engineers to attend properties to repair the issues at twice the local rate.
This needs to stop and we all need to make as many people aware of this.
The cost that people and especially the elderly are being charged is way beyond what they should be paying.
This is why 
DEPHER exists and why we do what we do.

My name is James Anderson and i created DEPHER because i saw a problem that will only grow bigger if we do not combat it head on.

From March 2017 to date we have helped 1000 elderly and disabled members of the community with this service and also helped in the saving of vulnerable people that were in life changing circumstances.

We work closely with AGE UK and with local councils to make sure that we can and do deliver the best service possible and no one is ignored.

We have engineers and plumbers that work hard in Lancashire to deliver this service and many more engineers and plumbers that are willing to jump on board and help to deliver this service in the areas that they cover.

We have Engineers and Plumbers in the following areas that are joining www.depher.co.uk




St Helens




This list is forever growing and once we have every area covered then DEPHER CIC UK will be launched nationally in every city and town within the United Kingdom.

We are hoping for a national launch in March 2019 on the second anniversary of Depher.


This is one of many ways that we are recruiting Engineers and Plumbers

Funds We Raise 

All funds are used for materials and fuel/insurance costs in the winter and summer, any revenue made in the summer from the 25% capped charges are used in the winter when the charges are nil.

This is a not for profit company and any excess funds will be used for community initiatives to help the elderly and disabled.

We have a treasurers account so all funds are in a safe place and monitored weekly.

Our Contact Numbers are 

 01282 700102  or  07708620678

DEPHER  will soon be introducing a national 0800  free phone number and we are advertising this community initiative in every city using social media and leaflets to get the message to everyone that needs this lifeline.

The calls come to a central office based in Burnley, Lancashire and we contact the local plumber or heating engineer in their area, the engineer then visits the resident and repairs the problem with materials coming from City Plumbing Supplies if any are needed.

Once the repair is carried out then we cover the cost of any materials used and fuel/insurance that the engineer or plumber may use.

The labour is free as the engineers and plumbers have given there time for free, if in any case there is a charge for labour ( only in extreme cases)  then this will be negotiated at a low rate so we can keep the cost of funding's used to a minimum.


My Name is James Anderson

I thank you for taking your time to read through this great life saving project

When you go to a property and you see the worry and upset that the elderly and disabled have to bare makes you stand and thing about your humanity, the issues they have to face day by day and the battles they have gone through and are yet to face puts them in a position of vulnerability. When we arrive at the property we become the friendly face and the person with answers to their problem, we dont judge and we dont ask questions.Our aim is to repair and make safe with the intention of showing them that there is a helping hand when it is needed.

The smile on the faces is worth all the gold on the earth, and knowing that they are safe and warm is a feeling that will never be beaten.

Thank you for your donation and please spread the news, if you need cards or posters then please contact me on

01282 700102  or  07708620678

Our website is


Please have a look at who we have helped and what we all can achieve

Thank You


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

1 Share Points worth £2 each for every £5 donated

you get Share points that can be used for plumbing and heating repairs and installation including gas safety and boiler servicing. You receive 1 share points per £5 donation, each point is worth £2.00 each. So when you donate you also save on your heating and plumbing repairs and installation.

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