Disabled Access and Art

Disabled Access and Art

I am a disabled man and I need to raise funds to pursue my art

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This statement is from my disabled partner and this is his story - thank you for your ears and generosity.

My Story

I am a disabled man whose conditions have led me to move into a bungalow. My conditions include Ankylosing Spondylitis of the spine and on very bad days I am wheelchair bound. When I am in less pain I love to do my art and find it is a way of expressing myself and a way to relieve the frustrations of my disabilities and the inability to work because of these conditions. 
I have always loved art and been told to pursue this avenue. 

Why I need GoFundMe? 

The bungalow I live in I have invested what money I have into trying to transform the garden but with the health issues I have I am not able to do work on it anymore and it is not wheelchair friendly and days I have trouble getting out there. I want to be able to have an art studio but the bungalow is small and I would need a decent enough outside space to able to do this. The money I am asking to be raised is for the garden to become wheelchair friendly and to get a waterproof electric built shed/outside building to do my art. (wheelchair friendly shed, adjustable art table as I am using a hospital bed table at the moment, fully waterproof and full electrics) Please see the photos of my art and the garden. 

How this will help?

I am a proud man and find it difficult to be asking for help as my dignity can be compromised because of my health, but by getting this studio for me gives me the time, space and pride in my work and maybe if I am good enough an outlet for me in the future to get back into paid employment. 

I know that what I am trying to raise is a lot of money. However, I am trying to sell some of my drawings to raise this money, but to due health conditions and space this is a slow process.

People like to see if these causes are genuine please see my website to see what action I have taken so far, where you can purchase pictures to help raise money towards my cause or donate here. 

To purchase a shed/workshop that is disabled friendly, with full insulation, waterproof, lightning, electrics and heating. As the bungalow does not have the space to do my art in.